Freestanding Pylon Signs are the Most Effective Form of On-Site Advertisement

It would seem, just by looking around, that almost every business has outdoor business signs in Ottawa. Sure they may all come in different shapes and sizes, but no matter what business you’re talking about, they have a clear, concise sign that points consumers towards their establishment and invites them to enjoy what the company has to offer. But, despite what color, shape, size or magnitude the sign might be, there’s no greater truth than the value of where that sign is located. Some might think the best place is right on the building itself, while others, the people who really understand the value of signage, will venture to say that a freestanding pylon sign can’t be rivaled in effectiveness.

Freestanding pylon signs in Ottawa are tremendously effective for a number of reasons, the first and largest of which has to deal with visibility. It doesn’t matter how big the sign on your building is, if it can’t be seen from the road, passing motorists will have no idea that your building even exists. This is a fundamental selling point of freestanding signage, especially pylon signs, which have the ability to be placed near roadways or intersections freely because they don’t require any brick and mortar anchors. It’s this freedom that business owners can take advantage of to strategically place their signs and herd consumers to their doors.

Acting as a landmark is another function of freestanding pylon signs. This might seem like a secondary function for an advertising tool, but in reality, it can be used as part of the advertising itself. Think of this example: your bright, easily noticed pylon sign sits at an intersection where there doesn’t happen to be a street sign easily visible. When motorists are giving directions or receiving them, they’ll often use landmarks as markers for distance or relevance to a specific area. In this case, people would use your bright, noticeable sign for “Company X” as the marker for their directions, saying something to the effect of, “turn right when you pass the Company X sign.” Soon, your freestanding pylon sign will be the subject of motorists passing through!

The effectiveness of outdoor business signs in Ottawa cannot be fully explained without highlighting the economical value of them as well. For all intents purposes, freestanding pylon signs and the like are one-time expenditures with very little costs associated after the fact. Billboards, for example, recur monthly costs that can add up faster than most businesses would like to imagine. With a pylon sign, it’s usually a one-time installation with a one-time fee. Sometimes, if your pylon features lights or moving parts, small maintenance fees are required to keep everything in working order, but often times these costs are marginal at most.

There are plenty of real-world examples to illustrate the effectiveness of freestanding pylon signs, as well as companies who are versed in what they can provide to a growing business. Talk to the experts at Plastics and Signs of Ottawa to learn more about how one of these excellent signs can add a whole new perspective to your business.

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