Why Choose Magnetics and Decals in Ottawa, ON?

Surely there’s been a time in your life when you avoided putting a sticker on something or decided against tacking up a poster, simply because you didn’t want to ruin the space where that sticker or poster was going to be placed. Think about a bumper sticker on a car, for example: once it’s placed, it’s not going to come off without a lot of hard work and the potential to damage the surface that it’s on. So how do you get around adhesive stickers and mounted signs in your business? With magnetics and decals in Ottawa, ON of course!

Magnetics and decals solve the problem of getting a message out there, without leaving behind any damage on the surfaces where they are placed. This can come in handy especially inside of stores, when you don’t want to mount brackets on your walls to hang signs or put nasty stickers on your countertops to promote a sale. Choosing magnetics and decals in Ottawa, ON means choosing a clean, easy way to put up messages or promote an idea.

Magnets are one of the handiest marketing tools for any business on a small budget. Think about this: for every customer who purchases over a certain dollar amount in your store, you include a small, free magnet for that customer. It might not seem like much, but the chances of that person leaving your store and putting up that magnet in a visible place where others will see it is actually quite high. From the moment that they place your magnet in plain view, you can start to reap the benefits of free advertising!

Decals are another great way to get the word out about your store or business. Have you ever seen a car driving down the road that has a message, logo or slogan on the side of it? This is an example of a car decal: a marketing graphic that’s pressed on, yet can easily be removed by the user at any given time. Decals are a wonderful way to proudly display your message to a wide audience of potential customers. Even more useful is having a window decal on the entrance or exit to your store, which can serve as a visual reminder of your store’s logo, name and any other information that you choose to include.

If you’re sick of traditional stickers, bulky posters or pricy signs that take up far too much room in your establishment, consider some new marketing tools. Magnetics and decals in Ottawa, ON are easy to come by, easy to employ and even easier to use as a cost-effective marketing tool to help spread the word about your business. Plus, using a trusted designer, like Plastics and Signs of Ottawa, will ensure that you’re getting the best quality magnetics and decals in Ottawa, ON.

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