Ottawa Outdoor Signage Can Drive Foot Traffic to Your Store

If someone was walking down the street and passed your place of business, what would make them want to stop and take a look inside? Is it the great products on display in your window? How about the welcoming atmosphere that you work hard to project? Chances are, these things will go a long way towards helping to bring people into the store, but by themselves, they might not be as powerful as if they were paired with proper Ottawa outdoor signage.

While great window displays and appealing atmospheres are effective at hooking potential customers, they only invite attention and don’t necessarily direct this attention. Channeling interest is done by presenting people with a call to action: something that takes their newfound enthusiasm and tells them to apply it properly. In this case, once you’ve grabbed their eyes with an enthusiastic display of your shop’s specialties, using an outdoor sign to send them a positive message about buying will likely seal the deal for a sale that might not otherwise happen.

Consider this scenario: your shop is running a sale on widgets. You’ve lined up your most alluring widgets in the window, giving passersby a bird’s eye view of what you have to offer. The only problem is that your widgets are a commodity item, which means that people don’t necessarily need to buy them. Right from the start, you’re battling against the grain, trying to convince people to buy something that they know full well they don’t need. While the display in the window might make them stop and consider purchasing for a moment, there’s no real call to action to put them over the edge. Chances are, in this scenario, a customer will walk away empty handed.

Same scenario, with one addition: Ottawa outdoor signage. Now, when you get the customer to stop and take a look at your widgets in the window, you’ve also got a sign next to them that says something to the effect of, “blowout sale on widgets, get them before they’re gone!” Not only have you created a sense of urgency by adding a call to action, you’ve created a demand for a product that doesn’t usually have a demand by itself. By simply adding a sign, you’re working to capture the customers who would otherwise walk away after deciding not to buy your product. When you added the sign with a call to action, you’ve effectively taken the opportunity to argue your case for a sale, without having to confront each customer who walks past your business.

Ottawa outdoor signage helps you to drive foot traffic into your store in a number of different ways. First, it directs attention to the products; second, it creates a demand for said products; and third, after attention and appeal have been cast, the signage concludes with a call to action. By funneling your customer’s emotions into this streamlined sales approach, you’ve effectively driven profitable foot traffic into your store where it might not have come in before. With this logic, your business can’t afford not to have Ottawa outdoor signage!