A Beacon of Light: Ottawa Illuminated Signs

Nothing says, “look at me!” like a sign that’s complemented by aesthetic lighting and an attention-grabbing shine. Even in the dead of night, Ottawa illuminated signs make themselves known to any and all passersby, giving them an advertising edge that not many other types of signage can compete with. In fact, there are certain times when having an illuminated sign can actually make or break your business’ ability to sustain patronage and bring in new customers off of the street.

As we all know, during the winter months in Canada, the days become shorter and sunlight becomes a rarity past 5pm. It’s during these months that the sky begins to shift darker earlier and earlier, causing street lamps to flicker into life and the headlights of automobiles to flicker on. It’s also a time, however, when having Ottawa illuminated signs can be a huge strategic advantage for businesses. For example, a store with an illuminated sign is going to grab the attention of a driver waiting at a stoplight, as opposed to a dark sign that can’t be seen due to the quickly darkening sky.

Winter also represents a time when consumer sales begin to drop off. People opt to take refuge in their homes during these cold, dreary days, meaning they’re not spending as much money as they normally would during the summer months. Having the extra advantage of an attention-grabbing, illuminated sign can help to make up for these lost sales and bolster the enthusiasm of a potential customer who might not have otherwise stopped in.

Alas, anyone who’s ever read a Shakespeare play also knows the importance of light as it affects our mood and morale. It’s a natural tendency of people to gravitate towards things that are bright, happy and warm. Ottawa illuminated signs may seem like a funny example when it comes to talking about light boosting morale, but they do indeed play a part in enticing people to reading the messages emblazoned on them. Our eyes will naturally drift to a bright, happy sign in our visual plane, rather than a plethora of others that aren’t standouts in any way other than their messages.

Finally, as if there weren’t enough reasons to stake a claim in Ottawa illuminated signs, these marvelous feats of advertising allow for a more expansive creative design process. Lights can be incorporated into a sign itself, such as the lettering of a message. Or, lights may be used to accent a particular aspect of the sign, like the numbers on the jersey of a sports bar and grill sign. Either way, lights bring attention to the sign and allow room for creativity during its design process, as well as throughout its use.

If you’re not employing an illuminated sign in some form, you could be missing out on all of the benefits that come with it: from increased exposure, to extensive design options! Remember though, just because you put lights on a sign or shed some illumination on it, doesn’t mean that it will be effective! Illuminated signs must be designed with care and emphasis in order to truly function at their highest capacity, so have yours designed by a professional at Plastics & Signs of Ottawa!

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