Common Ottawa Signage Products

Signage is the backbone of the advertising industry and bleeds into a number of other industries that require simple instruction or messages that need to be displayed for all to see. Really, signs can serve just about any function that you could think of, however not all Ottawa signage products are equally as effective at communicating messages: it all depends on what you’re trying to say and where you’re trying to say it. Here are some of the most common signage products in use today and their best applications:

Digital Signs: Digital signs are one of the newest trends in the world of signage and offer a vast array of customizable features that were previously unavailable to sign owners in decades past. Because they’re digital in nature, these signs can be programmed in an infinite number of ways to rotate messages, display different multimedia variables and even to relay information in real time. All of this functionality comes with a price however, making digital signs one of the most expensive Ottawa signage products currently on the market.

Directional Signage: Sometimes, your message is as simple as telling someone which way to go or how to get to a destination. For these simple applications, directional signage reigns supreme. Everything from arrows to verbal designations are available in directional signage format, allowing you to keep the message simple, without using up a ton of room to communicate it. Another big plus for this type of signage is its visibility: it can be placed out in the open where it’s easily read by people.

Wood Signs: Wooden signs may seem a bit outdated, but in fact these signs are some of the most ornate options available today. Wood signs have a “real” feel to them and can give off a warm aura wherever they’re placed. The downside to wooden signs is that they tend to be on the heavier side when they’re crafted to be larger. Wood signs can be tailored to virtually any space, making them one of the most versatile Ottawa signage products on the market today.

Vehicle Decals: You may not think of them as signs, but vehicle decals are one of the most ingenious signage inventions to date! Not only will your message be seen wherever you go, it can be crafted to blend in with your vehicle, allowing for a professional, refined look. Another plus to this product is its cost-effectiveness and return on investment—for very little money, you can create a literal advertising vehicle that exposes your message to thousands upon thousands of people each day!

Specialized Signs: Specialized signs represent a very wide swath of Ottawa signage products—everything from bathroom designations to illuminated outdoors signs. The quality of a specialized sign really depends on the vendor producing it and can be an amazing addition to any space if crafted properly. When it comes to custom Ottawa signage products, there’s no better choice than Plastics & Signs of Ottawa!

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