The Many Applications of Large Format Digital Printing in Ottawa

Digital printing has exploded in recent years as the optimal printing process for many different materials. Unlike traditional plate printing, which has extremely high costs associated with it, Digital printing can be quicker, cheaper and more accurate for businesses seeking to print materials. Another excellent benefit that digital printing offers is that of large scale printing: which has become a standard for companies looking to get their message out there in a big way! Not only are signs, banners and wall mounts possible with digital printing, they’re printed in a cost-effective way that makes large format digital printing far more economical than plated printing.


Banners serve one clear purpose: to grab someone’s attention above all other signage materials. Banners are used to tell onlookers anything from event start and end dates, to a single prominent message that is paramount above all others. Think about a banner at your local fairgrounds or one hanging high above your head at a local convenience store: what do both of these pieces of signage have in common? Firstly, they get your attention quickly and easily and secondly, they’re both examples of advertising that have been run through a large format digital printing process in Ottawa.

Wall Mounts

Sometimes, companies need a wall mount to communicate a message on a larger canvas. These pieces usually aren’t as large as a banner and are generally used longer than banners—which tend to have a shelf life of however long the promotion lasts that they’re in reference to. Wall mounts are a more permanent statement and commonly need to utilize large format digital printing in Ottawa to take shape. Think of movie posters at your local cinema, large flow charts in an office building or helpful directory signage in large buildings. These things are commonly looked at and need to be precise and accurate, making digital printing a clear choice for having them created.

Large Signs

Signage serves a purpose for just about any situation you can think of, large or small. Sometimes, larger signs are needed to make a big impact: caution posters, fire exit signs or other information that could be vital to a person who may not know where to look for said information. These signs need to be seen and read, so printing them in a larger capacity is necessary. Digital printing is a solid choice for large scale signage because it can be printed cheaply and with a focus on minor details, which can sometimes make all the difference.

Look around you, the next time you’re out and about. How many large signs do you see? Chances are, if these signs are printed on traditional materials, they’re a product of large format digital printing in Ottawa. You’ll be able to tell by the flawless detail, even on smaller printing, as well as the crisp, cleanness of the image. It’s not hard to see why more and more companies are utilizing digital printing for these larger applications!

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