Different Materials Used For Custom Signage In Ottawa

Signage is a versatile tool for marketing a message or a brand to potential customers and the information that can be contained within a single sign spans a huge gamut of possibilities. The great thing about signage, aside from the message being conveyed, however, is the numerous materials that a sign can be made of—each posing new possibilities and uses for the person seeking to use it. Here are a few of the most common materials used for custom signage in Ottawa and their benefits in different scenarios:

Acrylic Signage: Acrylic signage is popular in many uses because of its cheap price and multitude of possibilities. Businesses that want custom signage often choose acrylic materials because acrylic is easily molded and colored, allowing for the best possible form and presentation in the event of bright colors or different shapes. Acrylic is also very durable and can withstand different weathering and temperatures, making it great for outdoor applications. Acrylic won’t yellow easily and retains much of the vibrant coloring that it’s crafted with for ten years or more.

Vinyl Signage: Cheap and highly malleable, vinyl signs are great for people who have short term signage needs that encompass a variety of spaces. For example, someone seeking custom signage in Ottawa for both indoor and outdoor needs, who will be frequently putting up or taking down signage—for events, sales, recurring contexts, etc.—can benefit from cheap vinyl signs as opposed to bulky, expensive metal or aluminum pieces. Vinyl makes it easy for small businesses or those operating on a budget to get their message out in a big way, without breaking the bank.

Aluminum Signage: If you’re looking for a long-term, outdoor signage material that can stand the test of time, aluminum signage could be the answer to your needs. Aluminum signage is highly resilient and sturdy, even after years of abuse. Aluminum is highly resistant to rust when treated properly and having the proper finish on an aluminum sign will give it a sheen that many other materials can’t rival. Aside from its strength, aluminum is very lightweight and can be easy to hang or move, if the need arises.

Wood Signage: There’s nothing that can come close to the authenticity of a wood sign. Wooden signs have a rustic feel about them and can be stained to create a variety of different textures and colors. Apart from just the stain, wooden signs can be crafted from a number of different wood types, allowing you to achieve the look that works for you: lots of grain, very little grain or a knotty, pure appearance. Wood weathers quicker than other types of signage, however with the proper finishing coat, wood signs can outlast plenty of other options while still retaining their splendor.

Signage is only limited by your imagination and choosing the right material to have your sign crafted can help you to explore a facet of advertising that you may not have even realized. Whether it’s a cheap, yet effective vinyl sign or a naturally beautiful wood sign, choosing the right medium for your custom signage in Ottawa will help your message to stand above the rest.

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