The Easiest Way to Winterize Your Gazebo or Sunroom

Gazebos and sunrooms are fantastic home additions for people who love to be close to nature, even when there’s inclement weather afoot outside. These spaces offer full views of the outdoors, with the protection of an enclosure, giving you the best of both worlds. However, during the winter months, spending time in your gazebo or sunroom can be uncomfortable, thanks much in part to the cool temperatures that can set in because of heat loss through the windows.

Because gazebos and sunrooms are primarily comprised of windows and other softly insulated materials, the potential for heat transfer within them is enormous. Fear not, however: there are ways to insulate your gazebo or sunroom that are easy to apply and extremely inexpensive for everyday homeowners!

Polyurethane window plastic

One of the simplest ways to keep your enclosure warm is to stop the heat loss at its beginnings: the windows. Even eco-friendly windows with a high R-value are subject to excessive amounts of heat transfer, so wrapping them with window plastic in Ottawa is a great way to control the flow of heat.

Because plastic is an insulator, using a polyurethane plastic to tightly seal your windows can make all of the difference when it comes to increasing the insulation power of a gazebo or sunroom. If you figure that each window contributes equally to heat loss, then wrapping them all in plastic should have an inverse and highly desirable effect!

Perhaps the best part about using window plastic in Ottawa is its transparency. If properly applied over a window and stretched to remove any imperfections, a plastic window covering won’t impede your view of the outside world at all, allowing you to fully enjoy your sunroom or gazebo to its full effect, while still reaping the benefits of a warmer climate.

Plexiglas and acrylic window coverings

If you’re in need of stiffer, more insulated material to combat the cold invading your gazebo or sunroom, Plexiglas and acrylic can be two handy solutions available to you. Both of these materials will serve to mitigate heat transfer just like window plastic in Ottawa, however they’re far more resilient and can have a greater impact when the temperatures really start to fall.

Though these materials are a bit more expensive and a touch harder to install, their benefits over just a simple plastic covering are immediately noticeable. Both Plexiglas and acrylic have been known to improve the R-value of windows that they’re covering by a full point, equating to real dollars saved on heating costs over the winter months.

If you’re in for a mild winter, window plastic in Ottawa might very well do the trick for keeping your gazebo or sunroom warm—however if temperatures get to be too low, you may want to look into heavier options like Plexiglas or acrylic to encase your living space. Remember to visit Plastics and Signs of Ottawa for all of these materials and get your gazebo or sunroom insulated before you find yourself covering your windows in subzero weather!

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