Extending the Life of Your Ottawa Signage Products

Signage is a valuable asset, no matter where it’s applied or what it’s being used for. Too often, however, signage is forgotten about as a long-term mode of communication—sign owners purchase their materials and put them to work without thinking about the long term benefits that they can yield. To this end, many signs fall victim to age, wear and tear or the elements and after a few good years of service, they look worse for the wear and are unable to garner the attention that they once did.

What’s to be done about signs after they pass their one-year warranty stage? Here are a few great tips on how to keep your sign working for you, long after you’ve made the purchase:

Clean your sign: If you have vinyl Ottawa signage products or signs made from other cleanable materials, take the time to give your message a little TLC. For indoor signs, gently wipe down the product every so often and when applicable, clean it with nonabrasive cleaners. For outdoor signage, regularly do the same, taking care to clean away any of the imperfections or blemishes that come as a result of weathering. Depending on the size or accessibility of your sign, this can be difficult at times, but a good cleaning every once in a while will keep your sign looking like new.

Repair and replace parts: Much of the time, Ottawa signage products involve working parts, mechanisms or electrical components and, just like any other electronic device, these parts can fail over time. Everything from a burnt out bulb to a broken mechanism can be replaced fairly easily, especially if you’re able to transport your sign to Plastics and Signs of Ottawa for repairs. If you’re dealing with a large piece of signage or one that’s secured in place, inquire about basic repairs that can help it to maintain functionality long into its life.

Consider your use: LED signs and other electronic signage models are subject to heavier wear and tear over time because they feature more complex compositions. If your sign is constantly lit up, heat damage can take its toll, while conversely, if your sign has bright displays or changing features, it can become dimmer and less vibrant after years of constant use. If at all possible, give your sign a rest every now and then. Perhaps it’s worth turning off on a bright day or for a few hours in the early morning? Giving your electrical sign a quick break can keep it rejuvenated for years to come.

Fix damages: Nothing will lessen the lifespan of Ottawa signage products faster than damages that go unrepaired. From the smallest crack in your sign to an electrical malfunction, any and all damages should be immediately repaired for optimal sign use. Think about it this way: you wouldn’t drive your car around with a flat tire for fear of causing more damage to the vehicle, so why operate a sign that’s liable to inflict more harm to itself with each passing day?

Taking care of your sign will ensure that even after your warranty is up, you’ll still be able to enjoy the benefits of your eye-catching investment. Don’t let your sign become a victim of age, abuse or use: take care of it for a truly lasting investment!

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