Make Awnings Part of Your Ottawa Outdoor Signage

Business owners know exactly how important great Ottawa outdoor signage can be when it comes to appealing to the attention of passersby. What most don’t realize, however, is that your ability to utilize outdoor signage isn’t strictly regulated to your main moniker. While it’s true that many companies make great use of a single sign to showcase their name and even more use roadside signs to appeal to drivers, far too few make use of awnings as a way to market themselves.

Branding your awnings

Think of this scenario: you’re a quaint coffee shop that has a patio area where your patrons can enjoy the weather while they sip away at their java of choice. Overhanging this outdoor area is a series of awnings that allow your patrons to bask in the shade while they’re outside. Normally, this awning would be a solid color affiliated with the branding of your business, but what if there was more potential? What if your awning could function as an extension of your Ottawa outdoor signage?

By simply monogramming your business’ name onto the awning, displaying your logo for all to see, you’re able to make a statement that transcends simple color branding! Especially if you’re located in an area like a strip mall or other shared commercial space, utilizing branded awnings as a way of advertising is one of the best investments you can make to distinguish yourself from surrounding area businesses.

Bolstering the brand image

Another aspect that makes branded awnings a huge selling point for any business is their ability to impose that business on passersby in a big way. Going back to our coffee shop example: your shop may be quaint, but with the presence of branded awnings, passersby are sure to take note at how much surface area you’re really occupying. Awnings project your business, making it seem bigger than it really is, adding to the perception of your venue in a way that exemplifies your brand in both size and stature.

Ottawa outdoor signage is already a big draw for people who may be searching for a place to visit—consider awnings a welcome mat that’s all rolled out for these people, enticing them to make their decision.

Adding awnings

How do you decide if you should add awnings to your business? Take a look at a few of the circumstances that make investing in branded awnings a great idea:

  • You have outdoor areas that customers can utilize.
  • You’re occupying a shared space, where distinction from business to business is harder.
  • You have window signage that may be obfuscated by the sun if not protected by an overhang.
  • Your business is small and could benefit from a more imposing stature.

These are just a few of the reasons to consider branded awnings as an addition to your outdoor signage—in reality, virtually any space can benefit from this creative way to extend your external brand appeal.

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