Using Custom Signage in Ottawa to Project Business Pride

No matter if you’re a simple mom and pop shop that occupies a little corner store or a multi-national company that’s housed in a skyscraper, one thing remains true: taking pride in your business will instill confidence in those who may cross paths with you. Marketing teams spend countless hours dreaming up creative new ways for people to fall in love with their brands, but there’s a much simpler way to show people that you’re a business that exhibits pride through and through: signage.

Custom signage in Ottawa is often overlooked as a tool for instilling confidence, simply because people too often view signs as strictly an advertising tool. In a way, showcasing your pride in your business is an advertisement in and of itself, however it goes beyond just instilling confidence in your customers—it’s also a motivational tool for your employees. When your workers step through the front door of your business—be it a simple shop or a huge office building—having a beautiful, confident company sign that greets them right off the bat will motivate them to have pride in all that they do.

A sign that says more

Custom signage in Ottawa is a powerful tool for showcasing pride, often times because they’re messages are deeper than what’s crafted. If your big corporation showcases a sign crafted to look like the company logo, to you, it may be just that—an image. To your workers, however, the pristine craftsmanship, perfect coordination and overall grandeur of that sign may communicate core company values: excellence, prosperity and cohesiveness.

The powerful messages that lay below the surface of a sign can have different effects on different people. Someone walking into work on a dreary Monday morning may look at your sign as a beacon of a good day to come, while others may feel like they’re part of a family, even in a company that employs hundreds of people. Many times, it’s about what the sign doesn’t say outright that makes it a tremendous tool.

Small signs make a big impact

Not all businesses have the space or can afford to create and house an imposing piece of Ottawa custom signage, but that doesn’t rule out the importance of smaller ones. Even something as simple as a custom welcome sign can make people feel a bit more at ease when they enter your small business. Instead of a generic “welcome” sign hanging in your lobby, a piece of custom signage with a warm message goes a long way to showcasing your pride and openness.

Finally, small pieces of custom signage can add unique appeal within a building that makes everything come together. Have you ever been in a novelty restaurant, where the restrooms are custom labeled instead of simply saying “men” or “women?” It’s a small gesture like this that will show your pride in creating an atmosphere within your business—a trait that won’t soon be forgotten amongst the customers you’re catering to.

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