Making Statement with Pylon Signs

It’s happened to all of us: you’ve mapped out the location of a store or other place of business, gotten the perfect directions and made great timing on your way there, only to drive around for a half hour because you couldn’t find the place. The story always ends the same way—it was right in front of you the whole time, but because of poor Ottawa store signage, you couldn’t recognize the place.

For customers, this problem will probably never go away. When it comes to business owners however, it can get changed right away so your store isn’t the subject of any frustrating stories. Letting your business stand out from the street isn’t difficult at all, so make sure no one gets lost coming to your business by using a great pylon sign.

Pylon signs and you

You’ve probably seen countless pylon signs in your life but may not know exactly what they are. A pylon sign sits near a curb and identifies a place of business, detached from the business itself.

The reason for using one is straightforward. Many commercial and industrial sites are located off a road, often tucked behind trees or parking lots, so in order to attract cliental or just identify that the business is there, pylon signs are used. Commercial streets and industrial parks are often dotted with them. If you are a business owner and know that your business does not have a pylon sign, then it is time to start considering one.

Many types of businesses have them; here are some of the most common:

  • Car dealerships almost always use pylons and other curbside Ottawa store signage to identify their place of business since the building itself is often buried in parking lots full of new and used vehicles.
  • Industrial parks and complexes are mazes of winding streets often times with trees and fences hiding the businesses themselves. Once again pylon signs are used—a lifesaver if you ever have had an interview in one of these places.
  • Gas stations use pylon signs, as well as many chain hotels and restaurants. National chains understand the importance of not letting people pass by their business or getting lost trying to find it, so you should too.
  • Mini-malls and shopping plazas probably take the best advantage of pylon Ottawa store signage; these signs offer multiple purposes.

Setting yourself apart

Pylon signs that signify mini-malls often have the main address of the business and the entire location’s name, usually illuminated for those passing by at night. Below the general moniker should also be a listing of each business occupying the mini-mall or shopping plaza in order to inform consumers and attract shopping traffic.

For many business owners within mini-malls or shopping plazas, this sign is considered someone else’s responsibility. This should not be the case though; a pylon sign should look professional and stay up to date with all the current tenants. A pylon sign that is dated and not current can convince shoppers not to stop and visit. As a business owner, this sign is always your responsibility.

For more information and solutions for your place of business, consider calling a sign specialist in your area today to make sure shoppers are coming in, and not lost passing by.

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