Crucial Steps in Designing the Perfect Business Signs in Ottawa, ON

Creating a custom and eye-catching sign for your business is a great way to increase brand recognition and bolster your marketing efforts. But, the physical process and steps involved in crafting that perfect sign are anything but simple—that’s why it falls on a top manufacturer to ensure that the design and build process is made easy for you, regardless of the complexity of your needs and wants.

There are several major steps to consider when building the perfect business signs in Ottawa, ON. Take a look at how Plastics and Signs of Ottawa makes it easy for you to design and create a sign that you’ll be proud to display:

  1. Meeting with a project manager: Your project manager is the person who will facilitate your signage endeavor, from beginning to end. In meeting with your project manager, you’ll outline your needs, hash out ideas and learn more about the capabilities and solutions that will best play a role in creating the perfect business sign.
  2. Site assessment: If your sign is an exterior sign, we want to make sure that we’re creating a product that’s complementary in the space where it will be displayed. By assessing the site where the sign will come to be displayed, we’ll ensure that our designs and build fit within the constructs of the area perfectly.
  3. Zoning and permit requirements: Sometimes, in the case of pylon signs and other outdoor signage materials, permits and regulations need to be checked to ensure that business signs in Ottawa, ON are within a certain realm of acceptability. This includes making sure that your sign can be placed where you want it to be, that there are no size restrictions and that you’re within your jurisdiction to place a sign there.
  4. Sign design: Once our team has your specifications and an understanding of the area where the sign will be hung, we’ll get to work on designing the right sign for you. Our seasoned team of design professionals will cater to your needs, while drawing from years of experience in signage trends.
  5. Design presentation and cost: When we’re done with our initial design, we’ll present it to you and go over the specifications. Changes to the design can be made at the customer request and we’ll work with you to ensure that the sign meets and exceeds all of your expectations. When a final design is agreed upon, we’ll go over costs and agree on a final before moving forward.
  6. Fabrication: With the final design in hand, we’ll get to work on creating your final signage product. This includes in-house fabrication and any other specifications that go into making the highest quality business signs in Ottawa, ON.
  7. Final approval: With the finished product created and ready to be installed, we’ll present you with your product and get final approval before installation.
  8. Installation: As experienced installation experts, we’ll make quick work of installing your sign and ensure that it’s secured in place at the previously designated spot. After checking for stability, integrity and overall aesthetic, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a new piece of your brand!

Plastics and Signs of Ottawa makes it easy to get the business signs in Ottawa, ON that you need to set yourself apart from other companies around you. We’re here to make the process easy and streamlined, making us the most trusted signage professionals in the area!

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