Summer is the Time to Invest in Exterior Signs in Ottawa, ON

Any business owner knows that summertime brings with it more than just great weather—it’s the peak time of year for commerce! More people are out and about, whether they’re walking or driving to their destination, meaning more chances for your business to make a great first impression that invites those passersby in to your establishment.

Without a clear, concise and intriguing call to action, however, your business is going to fall in line with others like it, leaving you at a compromising position when it comes to capitalizing on summer sales.

And, speaking of summer sales, Plastics and Signs of Ottawa is proud to announce some great summer deals on exterior signage, giving you an opportunity to make this crucial time of year count! We’ll help you create and fabricate superior exterior signs in Ottawa, ON for a great price, ensuring that you’re at the top of your game when it comes to bringing in potential summertime customers.

An exterior sign that counts

Too many businesses believe that their pylon sign or channel lettering is enough to bring in customers—and while these signage items are a good start, they’re not exactly a call to action for anything more than getting people to notice your establishment.

If you really want to drive sales and appeal to new customers, you’ll need to expand your exterior signage arsenal to incorporate new and exciting ideas—ideas that drive people inside, rather than just inform them of your existence. Consider these simple exterior signs in Ottawa, ON while planning your summertime marketing strategy:

  • Banners: Banners are exceptional signage materials because they can be purchased at a low cost and repurposed time and time again, whenever you need an extra marketing push. Sale banners, new product banners or extended service hours banners make a clear statement and incite true action.
  • Awnings: Awnings are the perfect type of signage for businesses that have outdoor spaces or are located within a strip mall. Awnings serve the dual purpose of highlighting your building and providing shade to those who may be enjoying your exterior facilities.
  • Sandwich boards: Looking to drive traffic that’s not immediately passing by your venue? Sandwich boards can be strategically placed around your service area, to help push outlying traffic through your doors. These inexpensive exterior signs in Ottawa, ON offer a great return on investment for businesses big and small.

Now is the time to act

The summer months are already upon us, but that doesn’t mean that it’s too late to take advantage of custom signage for your business. Contact a professional at Plastics and Signs of Ottawa today to bring your exterior signage idea to life. Who knows, you might just create a revolutionary new sign that bolsters your business above local competitors!

Tis the season for exterior signage—are you prepared to convert passersby into recurring customers? Make sure your business is visible!

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