Common Questions and Answers Regarding Polypropylene Signs in Ottawa, ON

If you’re in the market for custom plastic fabrication or a unique plastic sign, there’s a good chance that a signage professional will advise you on polypropylene as a material. Polypropylene is an exceptional substance used in a wide variety of plastic applications and because of its durability, versatility and ease of use, is quickly becoming the standard for more commercial applications requiring a resilient plastic.

But, just because this material is being recommended to you doesn’t mean that you’ll understand what makes it such an exceptional choice! Here are a few common questions that many people have regarding polypropylene signs in Ottawa, ON and their answers:

Can polypropylene be used in outdoor applications?

While initially only used for indoor applications, modern polypropylene designs can be put to great use outdoors if they’re properly treated. UV-stabilized polypropylene can stand up to the elements quite well and will serve as a reliable signage material against wind, rain and sun.

I’ve heard about polyurethane fabrication too; which one is better?

While polyurethane is similar to polypropylene, the latter is more often used on modern plastic fabrication. The reason for this is polypropylene’s lower impact strength, but superior working temperature range and higher tensile strength. These characteristics make it a better long-term solution, although polyurethane is still used in some special applications where it is best suited. It’s best to consult a professional before choosing one over the other in your unique fabrication design.

Is polypropylene reactive?

For all intents and purposes, polypropylene is considered nonreactive and is safe even for use in medical settings. This material is chemically resistant, can be easily sterilized and is even approved for food-safe environments.

Will polypropylene become brittle or weak with age?

One of the best things about polypropylene is that it doesn’t become brittle with age like other plastic products can. This resilient polymer is fabricated to stand up to age, as well as other mitigating elements that may cause inferior plastic materials to fail. Investing in polypropylene means investing in the future of your signage or other plastic products.

Is it expansive to have polypropylene fabricated?

Not at all! You’d think, with all of the great benefits that it has to offer, that polypropylene would be expensive, but in fact, it’s actually extremely cheap to purchase. This is because of its presence within the world of plastic fabrication—it’s easily accessible and simple to mold, making it seamless for consumers to purchase it in virtually any capacity.

Is polypropylene laboratory safe?

For those who may be seeking polypropylene fabrication outside of traditional signage and are learning towards something more practical and functional for a lab space, you’re in luck! Polypropylene, being nonreactive, lends itself well to laboratory equipment. It’s also resistant against heavy acids, bases and oxidizers, making it extremely safe for virtually any use—whether it’s holding test tubes or being molded into petri dishes!

For any more questions regarding polypropylene signs in Ottawa, ON or other fabrication uses of this exceptional plastic, don’t hesitate to speak with a professional at Plastics and Signs of Ottawa today!

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