Drive Sales and Increase ROI with POP Custom Signs in Ottawa, ON

Point of purchase (POP) signage is something that no retailer should be without and it’s not often you’ll walk into a commercial space without seeing at least one instance of POP signage enticing customers into a sale. From big red price tags on vehicles at a car dealership, to the iconic starburst signs that mark a definite sale item, customers have become adept at recognizing POP signage, for better or for worse.

The problem with recognizable POP signage is a twofold one, however—some customers have taken to overtly avoiding these signs, for fear of a “too good to be true” deal, while others simply don’t see them at all, having become too used to the constant bombardment of them in their everyday lives! This doesn’t mean POP signage has become obsolete, however: it just means that smart retailers are going to have to start thinking outside of the box when it comes to POP custom signs in Ottawa, ON.

Beyond the ordinary

How do you combat willful ignorance or imperceptions when it comes to POP signage? The answer lies in your ability to stand out.

Consider the iconic starburst signs mentioned above—a symbol of POP signage that anyone can recognize virtually anywhere. Instead of simply replaying this design over and over again, hoping to jump out at customers in a way that will get them to notice your product, why not instead add a new take on the original idea? Implement a neon color, utilize an embossed material that breaks the plane of vision or even create an LED component that brings attention where it’s due?

Being able to deviate from the traditional monotony of POP signage with POP custom signage in Ottawa, ON is a surefire way to pair classic ideology with new-age marketing, resulting in a sign or signs that function on a new level of effectiveness.

Great looking aesthetics

Put yourself in the consumer shoes for a moment and consider what you might think if you saw a tattered piece of POP signage marking a sale item. Would you be enticed by the lackluster signage? Would you even see it, in all of its disheveled glory?

The answer, is probably not. The reason for this is a cognitive one: our eyes are attracted to crisp, clear and enticing imagery in the world around us. What this means for POP users is a necessity to keep signage prim, proper and alluring.

Using materials that cast a gleam, like treated plastics, or embossing techniques that create visuals that jump out at shoppers, will readily affix the eyes and create a more entrancing appearance. If your POP custom signage in Ottawa, ON is crisp, bright, bold and beautiful, you’re going to attract a lot more attention where you’re trying to.

Worth the investment

Often times, retailers and other commercial businesses fall short in their POP marketing plans because they don’t invest the right time and capital in a POP solution for the long term. Focusing too much on a niche marketing scheme means creating POP materials consistently—whereas general POP signage can be used again and again, making it a great investment.

Consider your existing POP signage and its effect on customers—are you getting the returns you want from it? If not, it might be time to upgrade to a better, more sustainable solution.

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