High Quality Materials Used by Professional Sign Makers in Ottawa, ON

A good sign is only as resilient and effective as the material that it’s made from. Signs that employ sub-par materials won’t last as long as those crafted for sustainability, making their lifespan and their message a short-lived one. On top of that, using high quality materials to manufacture a sign means a finished product that’s going to look worlds better than a lesser creation.

Because so much rides on the material used to manufacture a quality sign, professional sign makers in Ottawa, ON take great care in selecting only those materials that are right for the job. Here are a few signage material examples and why they’re used to fabricate exceptional signage products:

Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate is the king of all signage materials simply because of its tremendously beneficial properties and resilience in virtually any implementation. Not only is this material easy to shape and cast, it’s also resistant to warping, fading, cracking and other damages that may come as a result of time or exposure. A non-reactive substance, polycarbonate is perfect for indoor and outdoor applications, as well as implementation in areas where stability is essential.

Styrene: Made from expanded plastic, styrene signs are tremendously lightweight, making them easy to transport, install and move. This material is extremely cost-effective, as it looks professional and appealing, yet comes at an extremely affordable price point. Perhaps the best trait of styrene signage is its flexibility, allowing it to be rolled up and carried away—perfect for uses like trade show banners, seasonal advertising and more.

PVC: Another tremendously resilient plastic product, PVC can take a beating and still remain professional in its appeal. Professional sign makers in Ottawa, ON tend to favor PVC in their fabrications because finished PVC products come out matte, reducing glares. PVC can be cast in a multitude of different colors and can easily be cut into shapes, making it a perfect material for complex designs.

Coroplast: A corrugated plastic material, Coroplast is amazingly applied to numerous signage projects requiring flexibility, resilience and portability. This material is ideal for yard signs, as it can generally be affixed with stakes that fit seamlessly into the corrugated material. Waterproof, weatherproof and stain resistant, there’s no better option for simple outdoor signage.

Puckboard: For the crème de la crème of resilient plastics, professional sign makers in Ottawa, ON utilize puckboard above all others. As the name implies, this condensed plastic can withstand the harsh impact of a hockey puck (and frequently does!), yet makes itself highly useful when it comes to embossing graphics, lettering and logos. This material is also utilized heavily in the food industry, as well as the marine industry, since it is stain resistant and non-reactive.

These are just some of the high quality materials that professional sign makers in Ottawa, ON utilize on a daily basis. For more information about which material solution is best for your unique signage needs, consult with a professional at Plastics and Signs of Ottawa today!

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