The Tremendous Benefits of Plexiglass on Commercial Signage in Ottawa, ON

Every business owner needs to consider the abuse that their exterior commercial signage takes day in and day out. From the hot sun beating down upon them, to the rain and wind that whip against them, your signs are built to be resilient. But, where does that resilience end and begin to succumb to the elements of Mother Nature?

Wintertime is an especially hard time of year for exterior commercial signage in Ottawa, ON, simply because it combines all of the harshest elements that the year has to offer and piles them on unforgivingly to anything that’s left outside to deal with them. This is often why many smart business owners begin to consider plexiglass reinforcement for their exterior signage.

Protective benefits

It’s obviously not in your business’ best interest to take down signage come winter because, after all, commerce doesn’t stop just because the weather becomes frightful. Reinforcing exterior signage, on the other hand, is a very cost effective way to preserve an investment in advertising dollars without sacrificing business in the process.

Plexiglass is often used as a bracer for commercial signage in Ottawa, ON because of its non-reactivity and resilience—benefits that are therein passed to the sign that’s being protected by this material.

Plexiglass is, first and foremost, extremely weatherable and can take the brunt of virtually any element in stride. From the warming light of the sun that’s intensified by freshly fallen snow, to the harshness of freezing rain and windswept debris of winter, plexiglass won’t crack, scrape or show signs of abuse when standing up to the winter weather that might otherwise decimate unprotected exterior signage.

Second, and equally as important, is its ability to retain its composure. Plexiglass doesn’t yellow or fade, develop blemishes or warp under pressure, and especially important, won’t crack at low temperatures that might make other plastic materials brittle and frail.

Cost effective solutions

There are several ways to winterize exterior commercial signage in Ottawa, ON with plexiglass, each of which proves to be very cost effective:

  • Signs can have a plexiglass layer affixed to their faces, to prevent weathering on the sign itself.
  • For thinner, flimsier signage, such as banners, plexiglass can be affixed to both the front and back of a sign to ensure rigidity against high winds and other elements.
  • Signs that may be susceptible to moisture can also benefit from a plexiglass layer that encases the signage material and eliminates a moisture barrier.

Perhaps the best thing about a plexiglass implementation on commercial signage in Ottawa, ON is the fact that it can be put in placed and removed with quite a bit of ease when the seasons begin to shift. And, even if left in place as a year-round support to external signage, it won’t hinder the appearance or visibility of a sign.

If you’re concerned about the integrity of your external signage this winter, consider a plexiglass application to help ensure peace of mind. Talk to a signage professional at Plastics and Signs of Ottawa today about your unique needs.

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