What is “Way-Finding” Signage and How can it Help Your Business?

Not every business location is ideal when it comes to being easily seen and spotted by potential patrons. Businesses that are located behind other structures, off of a back road or amidst a slew of other companies may have to fight to be seen, which creates an element of necessity when it comes to business signage in Ottawa, ON.

This is where “way-finding” signage comes into play. Way-finding signage is used to help pedestrians, motorists and anyone else who may be looking for your business navigate any complicated paths that may lay before them before they reach their destination. This type of signage is generally staggered, starting in an area where visibility is high, and continuing every so often to help people finally end up at your doorstep.

Way-finding signage can sometimes be more critical than traditional business signage in Ottawa, ON because it physically leads people to you, rather than beckons them to come—an especially useful tactic if your business is hidden or out of sight, which would render traditional business signage useless.

Common applications

One of the most common examples of way-finding signage can be seen in business and industrial parks. These large swaths of land are home to many businesses, not all of which are clearly discernable when driving by. Way-finding signage often helps a visitor to the park navigate to the business that they’re looking for from the get-go: a pylon sign marks the businesses at the beginning of the park, with several instances of way-finding signage sprinkled in at junctions along the way, until the final piece marks the business itself.

Shopping malls and other shared spaces are also common instances where way-finding signage can be found, for the very same reasons as listed above. As long as people have a constant reminder of where they’re going and the directions given by signage to help them realize that they’re still headed in the right direction, it’s much simpler for people to navigate and therefore, much more likely that they’ll choose to continue their path to you.

Finally, way-finding signage is also common for those businesses that have long driveways or are located off the beaten path. In this instance, someone looking for a business might not be sure whether or not they’re supposed to be travelling in the area that they are—proper business signage in Ottawa, ON will alleviate this concern and assure them that they’re right where they should be.

Interior signage

On a smaller scale, way-finding signage can also be used in an interior capacity, to assist people in navigating large buildings or connected concourses. This type of business signage in Ottawa, ON occurs in virtually any business that’s multiple stories and can also occur in places such as hospitals, schools and municipal buildings, where certain destinations need to be found by people who may not be familiar with the building itself.

It’s important to never underestimate the power of way-finding or directional signage as it applies to your business. The easier you make it for people to find you, the more apt they’ll be to come.

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