Improving Malls and Shopping Centres with Exterior Signs in Ottawa, ON

For mall developers and business owners who’ve set up shop on their premises, the importance of having effective, high-quality exterior signage cannot be stressed enough. Often exterior signs in Ottawa, ON are the first thing potential customers will notice about a business or shopping centre, so making a good first impression is key to attracting people and bringing them back in the future. At Plastics and Signs of Ottawa, we’ve developed over our nearly 50 years in business a strong sense for what makes good exterior signage. Here are some of the factors we take into consideration when creating and installing exterior signs at malls and shopping centres:

  • Visibility and location: The exteriors of shopping centres are almost always going to be busy and a little hectic, but there’s no sense in adding to congestion and confusion with poor signage. Sign placement can play a major role in keeping vehicular and pedestrian traffic safe and organized. Making sure that signs are visible to both kinds of traffic and from multiple vantage points is important, and accounting for the amount of time people will have to read the sign can help reduce the level of stress in your parking lots and other exterior locations. Finally, visibility and location will play a role in other signage elements, including design, size and message.
  • Message: Given the amount of time customers have to interact with an exterior mall sign, one of the worst things a business can do is to try to convey too much with the messaging of their signs. Shooting for one very clear message is a better approach. What is it that you want to promote? Keep your focus on that one thing. If you absolutely must include secondary messages, keep them to a minimum, and make sure they are presented in a way that clearly indicates their secondary status.
  • Visual design: This is a catchall term for a number of factors that, when combined, constitute the overall design of an exterior sign. The size of lettering, font choice, color choice and the use of logos or other graphics need to work well with the height level and location of your sign, and need to clarify and confirm rather than muddle the message you’re trying to convey.
  • Sign size: From what distance will your customers need to be able to see your sign if you want to direct them to your business? This is a key question for business owners and mall developers, because it dictates how big a sign ought to be for maximum visibility, clarity of message and effectiveness.

When you look at the various factors at play, it’s easy to see how the different aspects of exterior signage design work together to put a business’ message across or attract customers to a shopping centre or mall. Call us today to learn how Plastics and Signs of Ottawa can help your mall or shopping centre-based business achieve new levels of visibility and success with brand-new exterior signs in Ottawa, ON.

Better Way-Finding with Exterior and Interior Signs in Ottawa, ON

The first day at a new school or a new job should be exciting, but it can also be the stuff that nightmares are made of. How often do you find that one of the biggest stressors accompanying a visit to a new place or a major shift in the day-to-day setting of your life is the anxiety that comes from being in an unfamiliar physical space? For schools and large institutional settings, a big part of making visitors comfortable is providing them with a good sense of where they’re located. Quality way-faring signage plays a huge role in creating a sense of order where a first-time visitor might otherwise be overwhelmed.

Plastics and Signs of Ottawa has had a hand in creating and installing exterior and interior signs in Ottawa, ON for nearly 50 years, making people’s lives easier by helping them feel at home in previously unfamiliar places. Here are just a few of the factors we take into consideration when designing and installing way-finding signage for schools and other institutions:

  • Less is more: If you’ve ever driven on a major highway in a large city, you’ve probably had the experience of being overwhelmed by overhead signage pointing toward several different exits, only one of which will take you to your destination. You can have the same reaction in a building or on a campus. Studies have shown that having an overabundance of signage can actually confuse people more than direct them from one place to another. Our aim is to create signage that functions clearly and efficiently, with minimal fuss, to keep your guests on the right path.
  • First impressions matter: In a new place for the first time, people’s first impressions are often heavily influenced by their success in navigating the space. The goal of good way-finding signage is to make navigation a breeze, creating a positive impression of the space and encouraging people to return.
  • Audience considerations: Depending on who’s going to be in your building or on your grounds from day to day, there will be important factors to consider. A school will require different signage elements and designs than a medical building, and even within broader categories are more specific things to keep in mind. An elementary school, for instance, needs to assist a much younger population than a college, so way-finding signage systems need to cater to young students in ways that they can comprehend.
  • Aesthetics: Way-finding signage needs to strike a balance between being easily identifiable and also fitting in with the overall aesthetic of the building or complex. It should be uniform from floor to floor or building to building while serving its primary purpose of helping people get from place to place. Consistent presentation helps train visitors to look for signs, which will then help them use the signs productively and happily.

Getting your clients, customers or students from point A to point B is key to keeping your institution or school inviting, structured and bustling with productivity. At Plastics and Signs of Ottawa, we’re committed to helping you achieve your institution’s goals and keeping your visitors happy with high-quality exterior and interior signs in Ottawa, ON.