Custom Plastic Applications are all Around us

Plastic is a medium that we use almost every single day whether we realize it or not and custom plastic fabrication in Ottawa, ON is a practice that has been going on for centuries, similar to metal, aka blacksmithing. Although metal does have its advantages in many industries, such as high heat resistance, endurance and versatility, as our technology continues to advance, plastic fabrication has been offering itself as a great alternative.

Metal and metallic components have been a staple in many industries for many years and while plastic may not be able to completely replace every metallic component, plastic fabrication has a lot to offer you. There are different types of plastics that offer different characteristics for you such as strength, self-lubrication, reduced weight, chemical resistance and wear resistance, which metals cannot offer.

Here are some of the other major benefits to looking into custom plastic fabrication in Ottawa, ON:

Corrosion resistance

  • Products that are molded in plastic are more weather resistant as opposed to fabricated metal products.
  • Fabricated plastic pieces will not corrode over time and can be designed to accommodate all different forms of climactic circumstances. For example, there are certain additives that can be added to the plastic resin in order to contest failure due to high exposure to UV rays.

Chemical resistance

  • Plastic is impermeable to many types of chemical compounds, making it an ideal material for different types of solution tanks or other chemically based jobs.
  • Plastic can be used in all sorts of different fields that are subject to chemical exposure such as turf, paper, medical and agriculture industries.


  • Plastic has incredible durability and can be designed to take on different sorts of impacts and remain dent or damage resistant.
  • Plastic parts have the ability to be reinforced with what are called ‘kiss-offs’ or ‘core-throughs’ for additional strength.


  • Plastic is economically efficient as it is lighter in weight, which means better fuel economy and cheaper manufacturing costs than metal
  • Plastic can make the whole manufacturing process easier by converting large numbers of assembled components into one single functioning part. Not only does this eliminate major assembly time and labor costs, it can also result in a more functional piece with better ergonomics.


  • Custom plastic fabrication in Ottawa, ON can offer color(s) as a part of the molded resin, meaning there wouldn’t be a need for any secondary painting operation. Instead, you get a uniform, maintenance free, cost-effective color for your piece.
  • You can even design graphics which are created to your specifications directly into the molded part, thus protecting the graphic from ever peeling over or being worn down.

While there are still some drawbacks to using fabrication with plastics such as plastic being more vulnerable to elevated temperatures or not being structurally appropriate for high stress situations, plastic is still incredibly ideal.

Fabricated plastics are most often used when you are looking for high precision and whether you are looking for light weight, fuel efficiency or complexity, plastic will always be an excellent choice.


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