The Four Types of Business Signs in Ottawa, ON that Every Business Should be Using this Summer

Duct tape, super glue, puppy dog eyes—there are some things that just work, without fail, every time. It’s rare for anything to be a surefire solution each and every time, but in the event that something has a high success rate, it’s important to grab ahold of that thing and make sure to use it as often and as widespread as possible!

In the world of signage this is especially true because as any business or advertising professional knows, there’s no such thing as a magic answer to targeting consumers. But, that being said, there are some magic bullets that you can load into your business’ marketing arsenal come summertime. Take a look at four types of business signs in Ottawa, ON that are more likely than not going to help you make a splash with your advertising efforts:

  1. Sandwich boards: These simple signs are highly effective when utilized properly. In fact, the newest marketing trend to sweep the globe actually involves regular old chalkboards set up to be exterior sandwich board signs, usually scrawled with clever quips and humorous sayings. The bottom line: sandwich boards work and during the summer when people are walking around in the great weather, they work even better. A small investment in a sandwich board could be a huge swipe at profitability if you’re lucky!
  2. Awnings: If your business is part of a strip mall or is crowded by other businesses, it’s going to take some creative work to unhinge yourself from the eye clutter that might be turning your customers away. To that end, a subtle yet highly effective way to let people know you’re there is to do so through awnings. Awnings can be a decorative accent and an advertising medium all the same, which means a win-win for your business as it stands apart from its neighbors.
  3. Banners: The best thing about banners is their affordability and versatility. A simple banner isn’t going to break the bank for any business and once you have a banner, your display options are only limited by the size of the banner. Unfurl it across the front of your shop, stake it up on a grassy area or hang it high for all to see outdoors—wherever you put it, do so knowing that banners are a huge eye-drawer.
  4. Flags: Like banners, flags are attention grabbing and they’re extremely cheap to produce. A flag flapping in a light breeze—especially a brightly colored one—is going to be enough to turn heads and when those heads turn, they’re going to be reading your message! A few flags here and a few flags there could mean more exposure for you and depending on the placement of your flags, you might be drawing eyes that wouldn’t have looked before.

Start your summertime advertising campaign off right and make sure it includes at least one of the above types of business signs in Ottawa, ON!

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