Five Reasons why Sandwich Boards are Some of the Best Business Signs in Ottawa, ON During the Summer

It’s easy to spend a fortune advertising your business and many times, it can seem as though all of the time, effort and money you’re pouring into marketing is for naught. It’s only when you find something that truly works that you can run with it and even then, the success of one advertising method can be limited. Combine all of this with the fact that advertising during certain seasons—like summer—come with their own set of variables and it’s enough to make anyone second guess themselves!

For seasonal summer advertising, it’s best to start small and in fact, starting with simple business signs in Ottawa, ON can have the greatest impact on your business. Take something like a sandwich board, for example: it’s about as simple a sign as you can get! But, what you might not realize is that a sandwich board is a staple of summer advertising—take a look at five reasons why:

  1. Sandwich boards are amazingly cost effective! For literally a fraction of the cost of other signage types, you can put a sandwich board to use and project a message that earns you incredible ROI. And, with more money leftover in your marketing budget, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to build on the success of your signage both with supplemental signs.
  2. Most signage is stationary: it will hang to read proudly in whatever area you decide to put it up in. Sandwich boards may look stationary, but they’re actually quite easy to move from place to place, allowing you to have a semi-mobile signage solution that’s a versatile as you need it to be for your business. Display it at one location one day and another the next day, take note of which location yields more success and make adjustments for future advertising!
  3. Need a signage solution that you can adapt entirely for your needs? Sandwich boards can help! Many sandwich boards feature an interchangeable message system, allowing you to use the A-frame of the board itself to insert and remove messages over time. Making an investment in a sandwich board is as much about the sign itself as it is the message.
  4. The life of a sandwich board is going to far outstrip the life of virtually any other type of signage, simply because they’re constructed to take a beating. Banners can fade or rip, window signage can peel and crack, and just about any other sign can compromise over time—and while it’s true that sandwich boards aren’t invincible, they’re pretty darn resilient in the face of the elements.
  5. Above all else, sandwich boards are eye-catching because we’re not always used to seeing them in our daily bombardment of advertising. Our brains naturally skip over things like window signage or banners sometimes, but something like a sandwich board is much harder for our brains to process out as a regular item, so our attention is immediately drawn to them.

If you’re looking for a safe way to get your business’ advertising on track this summer with reliable and cost effective business signs in Ottawa, ON, you absolutely can’t pass up on the supreme benefits that sandwich boards have to offer you.

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