There’s No Better Time for Exterior Banners in Ottawa, ON than Summer

Does your business have a patio area or sidewalk space that you utilize during the summer months? How about a parking lot or even a common outdoor area that you might share with other businesses? If so, this is an area of focus you need to be paying attention to when it comes to summertime advertising and signage!

What makes an outdoor area so special and how can you capitalize on advertising in this space? Take a look at our breakdown on the importance of outdoor signage and exterior banners in Ottawa, ON for the summer months:

Who are you targeting?

This is important to think about as a business owner: who are outdoor banners going to reach and who are you targeting with these banners? The answer for both is foot traffic—whether they’re walking past your business or they’re already a patron who you’re targeting for an upsell. Take a look at an example:

You own a diner and are having a special promotion for your lunch special. Putting up outdoor banners to attract new customers in for the lunch special or encouraging those who have already decided to eat at your venue to get it will serve as dual-purpose advertising.

What type of outdoor signage works?

When you put signage up outdoors, you’re competing for attention against the entire world—your signs should be able to distinguish themselves from other advertisements! This means going into your bag of marketing tricks and pulling out signage types that are unique and complementary to the season: sandwich boards, flags, swivel signs and of course, exterior banners in Ottawa, ON.

Now, once you have the type of signage picked out that you’re going to employ, make sure you’re playing to the strengths of that medium. For example:

  • Sandwich boards are best used in sidewalk settings, where passersby can easily take note of them and quickly digest the information on them.
  • Banners should be displayed in a place where they’re going to get maximum exposure and in an area that supports the largest possible setup so that your banner remains unimpeded.
  • Flags are best placed where they can attract attention by flapping and swaying in the wind—which means putting them in more open spaces where they can achieve movement.

Why make a seasonal signage investment?

Many business owners—especially small business owners—try to actively conserve money when investing in marketing supplies, so the prospect of seasonal signage isn’t one that is always appealing to them. Why spend the money on signage you might only be able to use during the summer months?

Well, for starters, the amount of foot traffic associated with summertime is too high to pass up and the revenue you generate from exterior banners in Ottawa, ON will likely be more than enough to recoup their costs. Also important to consider is that your competition will also likely be advertising to people via outdoor signage, so it becomes a business necessity quite quickly. Finally, seasonal signage actually has fantastic ROI by comparison—with low overhead and prolific customer generation, the ROI margins on these types of signage are reason enough to invest in them!

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