For the Vision Impaired: Braille and Commercial Signage in Ottawa, ON

When discussing commercial signage in Ottawa, ON, topics often hit on colors, size and helping signs stand out visually. Marketing and creating signs for visually impaired customers does not enter the conversation nearly frequently enough.

For these consumers, Braille signs can prove helpful not only for your bottom line but also fulfill your duty to accommodate as outlined by the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC). Here is an overview of why Braille signage works to your business’ advantage.

The law supports it

The OHRC policies describe the duty to accommodate disabled individuals as respecting dignity and preventing undue hardship. It is the goal of this duty to allow people full participation in the public sector and enjoyment of life. While these accommodations focus primarily on employment situations, they can also include local businesses.

If your business involves a service that vision-impaired people may find interesting (like music), considering Braille signage supports this notion of accommodation. Signs with instructions, item descriptions and other guidance can be translated to Braille to support the independence of this customer group.

Inclusiveness always helps

People will return to your business if they feel welcome. There are few better ways to do this than by promoting an inclusive atmosphere. Having reading material and signs available in Braille feeds a positive space for this particular customer base. By showing that you welcome the vision-impaired, you generate goodwill and trust.

This also highlights another aspect of the accommodation law, in which removing barriers to participation also prevents “social handicapping,” and idea that people with disabilities are often isolated by society. Making it easier for vision-impaired individuals to shop and operate in the same space as those without vision impairments, it creates a good impression that we are all a part of the same society, despite differences.

Offers a good impression

Your visually impaired customers will not be the only appreciative population. Other customers will also see this development as a welcoming sign. Showing a willingness to accommodate people no matter their abilities will make you and your business look good, in addition to performing a good service.

With social media quickly becoming the way reputations are built, good impressions spread quickly and do nothing but help your growth. There are many stories of the bad things people do, but also equally popular are those about good deeds. By better accommodating people of different abilities, you can become one of those good stories.

Professional sign makers ensure compliance

The catch with Braille signs is that they must meet certain government regulations. Regulations govern size, spacing and even sign location so vision-impaired customers can access them easier. Many of these rules vary by situation, so it is best to allow a professional to handle those aspects.

By working with a professional for your commercial signage in Ottawa, ON, you can rely on your Braille products being not only effective but also compliant with current laws. If you are ready to start catering to a new customer base today, contact Plastics and Signs of Ottawa today to design your Braille signage.

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