Professional Sign Makers in Ottawa, ON Make Your Business Stand Out

Good signage goes beyond poster board and permanent markers. While the right signs will highlight your business and attract customers, the less adequate ones will leave people wondering if you even care. When you need assistance with exterior signage, sales announcements or helping people find your retail location, professional sign makers in Ottawa, ON should be your primary consultants. Here are four reasons why you should seek expert advice for your signs.

Signs still work

With all the emphasis on e-commerce and online presence, it is easy to assume consumers rarely leave their homes and don’t really care about storefronts. Quite the opposite is true: according to a survey by FedEx Office, 76 percent of customers indicated they visited previously unknown stores due to their signs. A significant majority, 68 percent, made a product purchase after a sign caught their attention.

Even in this digital age, people still rely on signs and see them as a reflection of your business. Before you scoff, remember that the FedEx survey also indicated that 60 percent of consumers avoided a business because of a lack of signs.

Professionals can customize

When you hire professional sign makers, you gain design experience. Once you describe what you desire in a sign, you can view many options before making a decision.

Signs can be any size, contain your trademark and offer a presentation that is unique to your business. Professionals have software and know techniques to make these elements pop. With template programs, you are unlikely to enjoy these options when trying to make your own signs.

Your signs can also be adaptive to budget. With a design professional helping you out, you receive the best sign possible within your cost limits.

You will save money

It may seem cost-effective to make your own signs, but that will be time not spent promoting or running your business. As you also do not have the same design experience or access to technology as a professional sign maker, your sign is unlikely to be as effective.

While you will have to a pay the professionals, the investment will likely pay for itself with improved business visibility and increased customer visits. Plus, you know you will have a good product the first time, so there will not be a need to replace signs if the original attempts do not work.

Signs are your brand

With personalized concepts and marketing potential, a sign is not just a label for your business. It is your brand and representation. The U.S. Small Business Administration classifies on-premises signs as permanent business assets that are exclusive to that operation. As with any other valued part of your business, signs require your attention and that makes hiring professional sign makers worth the effort even more.

Whether you want exterior signs to enhance your storefront or interior ones that will lead customers to featured items, consulting with professional sign makers in Ottawa, ON can prove to be an effective investment. Contact Plastics and Signs of Ottawa and see what we can do for you to help your business stand apart from the others.

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