Three Ways Your Storefront can Benefit from Channel Letters in Ottawa, ON

It goes without saying that you want your office building or storefront to draw in potential customers. So, wouldn’t you agree that one of the most important advertising tools a business can invest in are signs? Not just any signs, but big, readable, attention grabbing signs—guess again if you think your only option for a sign means flat and dull!

Channel letters are those gigantic and three-dimensional letters you see on the front of big-box stores that are lit or un-lit. Channel letters basically make up the building sign in eye-catching individual big block letters. That being said, let’s look at three ways your storefront can benefit from channel letters in Ottawa, ON:

  1. More square footage. Regulated by square footage of the entire graphic area, in some cases codes and jurisdictions for signage can be limiting when it comes to freestanding or wall mounted signs. The square feet rule includes the background and blank space of the sign as well as the title and logo, which can mean having to go with a smaller sign than you originally wanted. Using channel letters can eliminate this problem. Since channel letters are individual pieces of the larger picture mounted to a wall, each piece takes away the amount of square footage that can be wasted by the background and blank space in an average sign. Therefore, the front of the building becomes the background and the letters can be larger.
  2. Easily identifiable and eye-appealing. Channel letters are larger and more easily identifiable, and a properly pieced together sign creates better visibility for customers. Most businesses will have channel letters installed directly above the front doors to create a natural flow with the building. In addition, this area is in the direct line of sight of customers and in view of people just passing by. It’s better to have a plain flat sign than no business identification at all, but channel letters offer a simple and clean look with a welcoming feel that can really help your business stand out. Channel letters can be customized in a wide range of colors and fonts, and you can also create eye-appealing logos and other visuals to help attract customers!
  3. Environmentally friendly and cost effective. Channel letters are environmentally friendly, cost effective and a portion is constructed of recyclable materials. Due to the fact that channel letters are individually made, there is no excess plastic material being used for background—these letters do not need a background to help them stand out. And, when made with aluminum the letters or logo can last longer and are resistant to rust. A big plus: individual letters are easier to take down and fix if one were to have something happen to it. You can save a lot of money on electrical parts and electricity by choosing un-lit letters, although light-up letters create more visibility. If you go with lit letters, keep in mind the new industry standard to use the more environmentally friendly LED lighting.

If you want your business to benefit from channel letters in Ottawa, ON, contact a local custom signage company today!

Mesh Banners Versus Vinyl Banners in Ottawa, ON

You have probably seen large banners tied outside of businesses or staked in the ground advertising an upcoming event. Eye-catching, right? What you may not know, however, is that there are significant differences between mesh banners and vinyl banners in Ottawa, ON—both materials you’ve likely seen put to use. Take a look at what makes them different and when you might use one versus the other.

Mesh Banners

  • Mesh banners have holes in them, and these holes allow the wind to pass through the banner extending its life.
  • The typical ratio of a large mesh sign is 70/30 or 60/40 — the second number represents the percentage of airflow that can pass through the banner. This prevents the banner from being kicked up and blown away like a sail.
  • These types of banners are digitally printed and can be created in just about any size.
  • Mesh is often somewhat see through. This could become problematic in an indoor setting where it has a good chance of blending in with the surroundings.
  • The holes in the mesh material are not visible when viewed from a distance, which is the case for most banners.
  • Mesh banners and signs canonly be printed on a single sid
  • Mesh material is more expensive than vinyl banners.

Best Uses for Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are best used in a location where wind can be an issue or cause damage to the banner itself. Using mesh material would also be appropriate for large size banners that will go on a building or large fence and it’s also a good option if it’s being used in front of a window, as visibility is not obstructed.

Vinyl Banners

  • Vinyl bannersare designated as a low cost form of outdoor advertising, but are also great for indoor use.
  • On average, a standard vinyl banner weighs 9 ounces (better suited for indoor use) to 22 ounces (longer tern outdoor use) per square yard.
  • Vinyl banner material is usually made by a PVC material making it not only durable, but also economical, flexible and resilient.
  • A vinyl sign can be printed in any size, single or double sided. Therefore, if you are planning on displaying the banner on a street corner to be viewed from both directions of traffic, then the larger 22oz vinyl banner is what you want.
  • However, vinyl banners are one solid piece of material — they do not have small holes like mesh material signs which makes it difficult for vinyl to hold up in the wind.
  • A vinyl banner is a great way for getting your message noticed from a distance.

Best Uses for Vinyl Banners

A vinyl banner is a useful and effective marketing tool for businesses or as a personal acknowledgement sign. Uses include:

  • Advertising a sale or discount
  • Grand openings
  • “Coming soon”
  • Promoting an organization or group
  • Graduations
  • Weddings
  • Family or class reunions
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Special events

Now that you know a bit more about the differences between mesh banners and vinyl banners, you can better decide which material is best suited for your needs. Remember, summer is prime time to use mesh banners and vinyl banners in Ottawa, ON to advertise your business or to raise awareness for a good cause.