Inexpensive Commercial Signage in Ottawa, ON for the Enterprising Retailer

Once you open your retail establishment, the marketing fun begins. Commercial signage in Ottawa, ON is important for any retailer due to the sheer fact that it works. People frequently report that signs are what bring them into establishments, even if they knew something about it before. Whether people are looking for you or simply passing by, a sign attracts them inside and helps them find you.

However, many retailers, especially those who are just starting out, often feel the expense of signage outweighs its benefits. Fortunately, there are options if you need signage for a small budget. Two of them are sandwich boards and banners. Here are their advantages.

Sandwich boards

The best part about sandwich boards is their portability. You can place them in front of your business to draw attention to a sale or grand opening. Another good use for them includes directional signs so people can find where you are located. If you do business in a dense urban location, those directions can prove essential.

You can also place sandwich boards in places attracting large groups of people. Is there a street fair or other large event occurring nearby? Ask if you can set up sandwich boards so visitors can consider seeing your establishment, too. This strategy works especially well if the event coincides with your industry. For example, a craft fair that sells finished products will be a certain source of potential customers if you run a fabric or yarn store. Combining motivations to attract like-minded people is one of the most successful marketing approaches out there. With sandwich boards, you do not even have to spend a lot of money to implement it.


Banners are very eye-catching. If your storefront remains a work in progress, a banner adds some needed color and attention. They can also serve as a temporary sign if you are saving money for a better storefront design or holding a short-term grand opening sale. There is no doubt that a well-designed banner is critical if you want to stand out.

Just like with sandwich boards, banners can help you take advantage of inexpensive marketing opportunities. If your retail establishment is across the street from a restaurant with outdoor seating or along the route to a popular pub, purchasing a colorful attention-grabbing banner could help you attract new customers. You can even see if there are fences or empty walls that can accommodate a banner when you are holding sales or other events. Just be sure to ask permission first if the land belongs to someone else. Even if it involves a competitor, it is still bad form to trespass on them with your advertising.

Commercial signage in Ottawa, ON does not have to be expensive to be effective. Your main goal is to attract area visitors to see what you have to offer in your new or established business. Call or visit us at Plastics & Signs of Ottawa and see what we can design for future retail success.

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