Take Advantage of Outside Foot Traffic with Business Signs in Ottawa, ON

It is summer and people are spending more time outside. Online advertising may be the future, but when the sun hits and restaurant patios are occupied, your web page efforts will not matter as much. Right now, you’re likely to have more outdoor foot traffic, which could mean an increase in impulse decisions to visit and buy something from you. This is where business signs in Ottawa, ON come into the picture. Here are some ideas for taking advantage of this scenario.

Use high-traffic, non-competing areas

Take a look around your business community. If a restaurant across the street offers outdoor seating, draw attention to your business. Spread a colorful banner at the top of your storefront. Place sandwich boards at corners that pedestrians frequent so you can announce sales and offer directions. People are out relaxing and feel less pressed for time. See if you can convince them to spend some of that time at your establishment.

Consider digital signage

People are out more at night, too. Longer hours and warmer temperatures mean consumers are less likely to feel a need to cocoon earlier in the evening. However, they cannot visit you if they do not see you. If you run a retail establishment, consider staying open for slightly longer hours. You will catch the after-work crowd more easily, as well as the out-and-about crowd. If you run a restaurant or pub, digital signage will make your place of business seem more inviting when the sun goes down. Adding lights to conventional signs will also have the same impact. Illumination can be key to getting noticed. Give it a try and see how it works for you.

Reach out to community events

Do you operate a yarn store near a craft fair? You may not be able to set up a booth, but you can certainly set up signs that give people directions to your place of business. Those who wander through a fair will also be likely to take a walk to your store as the event puts them in the mood for your wares.

The only caveat with this strategy is to make sure your retail establishment does not compete directly with the community event. If you sell finished products similar to the event vendors, it is not a good idea to advertise and infiltrate. You can create bad feelings if it appears you are trying to shut down the community event with your commercial enterprises. However, if your products complement theirs, like in the yarn and craft fair example, this is likely a safe strategy that will yield new customers. Be ambitious, but also be considerate and sensitive to your neighborhood.

Summer is a good time to take advantage of the benefits of business signs in Ottawa, ON. Plastics & Signs of Ottawa not only offers professional design services but can also give you additional marketing tips that are easy on your budget. Contact us today so we can help you attract the warm weather foot traffic.

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