How to Turn a Window Shopper Into a Customer Using Creative Exterior Business Signs in Ottawa, ON

Sidewalk signs created by Plastics & Signs of Ottawa are incredibly portable, durable and cost effective. Many Ottawa businesses choose to use exterior signs, such as sidewalk signs, to capture the interest of passing shoppers and to maximize the visibility of their stores. Sidewalk signs are the billboards for pedestrians strolling through downtown Ottawa. Whether you are advertising the daily special at your cafe or the end-of-summer blowout sale, your message can be effectively displayed to passing pedestrians with exterior business signs in Ottawa, ON.

If your Ottawa shop or business relies heavily on sidewalk pedestrians and window shoppers, a sidewalk sign or other exterior business signage may boost the amount of people walking into your store. Here are the benefits of using a sidewalk sign for your business:

  • Easily customizable: Not all sidewalk signs have to be simple and hand drawn on a chalkboard. With the assistance of one of our talented designers, design and content options are endless when it comes to your custom sidewalk sign. Our designers will create a design that not only displays your message, but also captures the feeling and style of your business while still standing out from the competition.
  • Cost effective: Sidewalk signs are a low budget and cost effective way to reach a high number and wide variety of people without spending a fortune on advertising. In fact, unlike traditional media advertising such as print, a sidewalk sign only requires one initial payment, as opposed to week-to-week or month-to-month. Additionally, there is no paying for a full month of advertising, as a sidewalk sign can be put up and taken down as needed.
  • Durable: While our designers are able to change and create a new sign for your business with ease, the durability and high quality of our exterior signs is constant. With our sidewalk signs, you will never have to worry about sturdiness or durability. We can even create signs that can stand up to weather conditions such as rain, wind or snow! Our high quality signs are crafted out of materials made to withstand the effects of both weather and time.
  • Variety to meet all your needs: At Plastics & Signs of Ottawa, we can provide much more than sidewalk signs to customers looking for exterior business signage. Let us design the perfect custom exterior sign for your Ottawa business. Some of our top exterior sign options include metal signs, wood signs, LED signs, vinyl banners, vehicle lettering and graphics, chalkboard signs, sidewalk signs and custom awnings. The possibilities are limitless!

When creating a custom sign for your company, our talented designers will also consider the specific needs of your business. They will factor in much more than just your logo and desired messaging, such as the location of your business, your budget and more. No matter your needs or price point, Plastics & Signs of Ottawa can create a custom exterior business signs in Ottawa, ON that target passing pedestrians and quickly turn them into customers.

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