Six Benefits to Using LED Signs in Ottawa, ON

LED signs in Ottawa, ON attract attention by being a glowing endorsement of your business—literally. Their proven success makes them an attractive option for many, but it is too often assumed they are not cost effective. It is very likely that an LED sign will pay for itself rather swiftly because of its excellent attention-getting abilities. Here are six benefits LED signs can offer to your marketing approach:

  • Flexibility: An LED sign means options! Since it does not display a fixed message, you can change it daily or weekly to advertise specials, share news or target customers. They can also be made in any size that’s most likely to boost your business, from billboard dimensions to a simple price list. The LED is as complex or simple as you (and your budget) need it to be, which makes it a flexible advertising method.
  • Eye catching: LED signs are meant to be noticed. Unlike neon or fluorescent signs, which are almost jarring for some businesses, the LED display illuminates with a consistent brightness. Customers can see it close-up and at a distance, which keeps you getting noticed. It also doesn’t matter the time of day—LED can be seen in the daytime as well as at night.
  • Longevity: Quality LED signs last 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which amounts to up to five years longer than fluorescent and neon. You will pay more for a LED sign over other lighted options, but you are also unlikely to have to replace it anytime soon.
  • Low maintenance: There are no bulbs to change and no adjustments needed to maintain a steady level of brightness. LED signs in Ottawa, ON also use less power, so your utility bills will not spike with the new signage. They also do not put off heat like bulb-based lighted signs, so you do not have to worry about it warming up your business premises and driving up air conditioning costs in the summer.
  • Colors and other options: You can choose the usual red or amber lettering, but other colors are available, too. Tour choices are not limited to letter coloring, however. Full-color versions of the LED sign can really help your business shine above the others. You can also choose between presentation options. Program a moving ticker for a longer message, or keep it short and sweet with a static presentation.
  • Easily operated: Your current Windows-based computer equipment is all you need to program your LED sign. If your sign is outdoors and the weather is nasty, you can change the message from the comfort of the indoors. Some signs can be updated remotely, so you do not even have to be at your business to change the sign. You will be able to provide your customers with real-time messages, no matter your location or circumstances.

Plastics & Signs of Ottawa is available to design and build LED signs that effectively draw attention to your business or storefront. To learn more about the options we offer, call or visit us today.

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