Understanding the Importance of Color in Your Signage

While advertising for products and services has been around since before the invention of the television, it’s our modern day world that has magnified the visual form of branding. In the past, radio and word-of-mouth were the most popular ways to advertise a business. Today is the age of visual ads seen on TV, freeway billboards and space in local newspapers, and, most important, the signage placed on physical business buildings.

As a business owner, effective marketing is vital to your success. Marketing to potential customers for their business inevitably means competing against other similar companies in your industry, their branding to be exact. And when it comes to attracting attention, nothing stands out more than bold colors on your commercial signage in Ottawa, ON.

You’ve probably noticed businesses using their logo colors in everything from letterheads to outdoor signs. Seeing the same colors and patterns repeatedly clicks in your brain as something that needs to be remembered, therefore, utilizing your business’s colors throughout your advertising efforts is a beneficial way to brand yourself.

Color is a very important aspect to consider when it comes to designing alluring and effective signage for your business. For example, if you place a plastic sign with plain black lettering on the roadside near your business, it will likely be missed by passersby. Alternatively, add some color to the same sign and there will be a greater chance for your business sign to be noticed. This is due to the human brain being be attracted to excitement over boredom—in this case, bold colors over simple black. Think of it like bees pollinating flowers—they’re drawn to beautiful colors and vibrant hues in the same way we’re drawn to exciting signage!

The feel of color

Color is undeniably linked to emotion, but more so, there’s a psychology that can be applied when understanding the impact different colors have on different people.

Blue, for example, has been shown to be the most popular color that appeals to both men and women. Before simply choosing a popular color like blue, however, you first need to test for its ability to work for what your business stands for. Who’s your audience? What’s the nature of your business? What emotions does blue stimulate in a marketing sense? All of these must be considered before picking a color.

Another question to ask yourself is in regards to color combinations. Will a single color work for your signs? Possibly. How about several colors? Maybe. If using more than one color, you will have to make sure your sign colors are coordinated, that they flow well together to create an image in pictures of what your business is about.

Reaping the rewards of color

In order for your advertising efforts to work, your selected color or colors must be able to elicit a certain response from potential customers. Without a positive response, your business could end up seeing an overall decline—if your color signage doesn’t seem to be working, try another color combination!

In regards to storefront signs, a large, eye-catching sign is crucial for business, so take the time to design out the best possible one before sign installation.

Whether LED, digital print, large channel letters, or engravings, it is important to include color in your signage. Understand that advertising your business with big, bold and colorful letter signs can help bring in new customers while keeping your name noticeable to passing eyes. If you are looking for quality commercial signage in Ottawa, ON for your business, contact Plastics & Signs of Ottawa today.

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