The Cost Benefits of Digital Signage in Ottawa, ON

For business owners, many marketing decisions are driven by a simple ratio: cost versus benefit. Essentially what this means is that every investment in marketing materials—be it signage, print materials, digital marketing, etc.—is made with the idea of making that money back in some way, shape or form, be it in revenue, exposure or something else.

An undisputed leader when it comes to return on investment for advertising is digital signage in Ottawa, ON. Digital signage comes with a steep initial investment in most cases, but quickly recoups its value in a myriad of ways that become evident for a business across numerous facets, including:

  • Digital signage, as mentioned above, has a steep entry cost in most cases, however that entry cost is a one-time occurrence. In contrast, traditional print marketing and other types of tangible advertising are a new cost every time you create a campaign. These recurring costs can quickly add up over the life of multiple campaigns.
  • With a digital signage implementation, you can run numerous campaigns in succession without having to invest in the cost of new materials. This allows you to transition between campaigns more effectively and project new advertising to your audience, thus leading to more impressions and less time and money spent on generating new materials between campaigns.
  • Digital signage in Ottawa, ON is attention grabbing, which means a more profound scope of impressions. It’s easy to ignore a paper flier, throw a postcard in the garbage or close a pop-up ad online—it’s not so easy to ignore the digital signage that’s right in front of you! Because of this, unique views are much higher and more impressions are generated with digital signage than most other traditional mediums. More impressions means more chances of converting prospects into customers.
  • Because it’s technologically driven, there’s a wider scope of capabilities associated with digital signage and thus, a lower cost of accessing these capabilities, since digital signage is a single medium in and of itself. Case in point, digital signage can display text, pictures, video and even interactive media, whereas you might need to separately invest in all of these things should your campaign call for it.

The cost savings stretch on, but it all comes back to the idea that digital signage is a highly customizable resource.

So, why aren’t all companies jumping on the digital signage bandwagon to maximize their marketing ROI? Many people can’t always see the long term benefits over the entry cost of buying digital signage displays. Others lack the opportunity to display digital signage, such as a storefront. It can vary across each unique business situation.

If your business could benefit from digital signage in Ottawa, ON, however, it behooves you to consider this as a long term investment in your business’ marketing capabilities. With a nearly infinite number of tailored options, tremendous cost savings and the powerful capabilities of digital signage, your business can put itself in a prime position to succeed.

What Types of Commercial Signage in Ottawa, ON Thrive During the Winter?

Winter is a trying time of year for many reasons, cold temperatures and inclement weather aside. It’s also a prolific season for advertising, what with the holidays season and end-of-the-year retail events. Put these variables together and you’ve got a very complicated situation when it comes to making the most out of seasonal commercial signage in Ottawa, ON!

If you think your regular, run-of-the-mill signage is going to cut it during winter, it might be time to check again, for the sake of your business’ marketing ability. While something like channel lettering or your pylon signage will do well to hold up in any weather, many commercial signage applications fall flat in the way of the season, including things like awnings, sandwich boards and even many plastic signage. It comes down to a matter of resilience:

  • Winter signage needs to stand up to bitterly cold temperatures that might cause materials to become brittle or weakened.
  • Winter signage also needs to be able to stand out in two ways: against a blanketing monochrome backdrop of the season and next to all of the other attention-grabbing signage that marks the holiday season.
  • Finally, winter signage should be able to stand up to weathering and debris, including moisture, high winds and ice.

Finding commercial signage that stands up to the above variables and passes the eye test isn’t as easy as you might think and it voids many reliable signage options that would be more than adequate during spring, summer or fall!

The search for perfect winter signage doesn’t have to be complicated, however—there are a few key starting points that make it simple for business owners to get a jump on staying relevant throughout the winter season, despite the adversity. Take a look at a few types of commercial signage in Ottawa, ON that are well suited for the winter season:

  • High endurance plastics such as polycarbonate, PVC and puckboard are all great options that satisfy the grueling demands of winter. High endurance plastics are nonreactive when it comes to cold temperatures and won’t fail under the stress of the season like inferior materials.
  • Wood signage is a sustainable option for signage all the way around, no matter the season, including winter. Wood is also very luxurious, meaning you can enjoy the prestige that also comes with the resilience.
  • Treated metal signage is going to be an old standby, but one that needs to be cared for and maintained if it’s going to survive successive winters. Today’s metals are treated to prevent against erosion and rusting, but it pays to have them inspected prior to the season.

Choosing the right material means opening the door to a number of wintertime signage options and giving yourself the ability to tailor a solution that meets the needs of your business, while staving off the dredges of winter.

If your business is behind when it comes to wintertime advertising or is in the position to require new signage that’s built to stand the test of the season, contact the professionals at Plastics & Signs of Ottawa today for more information on our ability to custom fabricate a sign for your exact needs.