Protecting Your Gazebo with Plexiglass Solutions

Your gazebo adds an elegant oasis to your back yard setting. It gives you shade, a relaxing place to enjoy a beautiful summer evening and a comfortable seat to watch your kids play or take in a beautiful sunset. What do you give back to your gazebo? Anything? What should you give back? Protection. You can get this protection from Plastics & Signs of Ottawa. We offer the best custom plastic fabrication in Ottawa, ON.

It is important to provide this plastic protection to give your gazebo a long life. If you want to enjoy crisp fall evenings in your gazebo years from now, you must take steps to protect it from the elements. Anything that remains outside year-round will take a beating. Adding custom plastic protection is a key step to keeping your gazebo looking new. Here’s how:


Polyurethane plastic windows are a great addition to a gazebo. They seal the gazebo’s windows tightly, ensuring proper insulation. They retain warmth, creating an outdoor haven even during Ottawa’s harsh winters. They also protect your gazebo in rainy weather. Spring storms can easily blow rain and debris into a gazebo. Plastic windows will keep your gazebo drier and cleaner, and provide a dry place where you can sit and watch the rainstorm.


Acrylic and plexiglass window coverings are another option for great insulation on your gazebo. They will keep out the frigid winter air, allowing you to sip your hot cocoa from the confines of your insulated gazebo. These plastic coverings serve a secondary purpose as well. In addition to creating a winter haven, they protect your gazebo from snow and ice. They will help keep the outside elements… outside.


Once you have added great protection to your gazebo through plexiglass insulation and coverings, it is important to maintain it with regular cleaning. Sweep up any debris, clear away cobwebs and check for any insect nests and carefully remove them.


Do a thorough inspection of your gazebo at least once per year. The fall season is a good time for this, to ensure your gazebo is ready to endure winter. Make sure you have completed an overall cleaning. Look for any signs of needed repair. Is it sturdy? Are all joints still strong? Does anything need reinforcement or refastening? Are there any signs of termite or other infestation?

Are there any signs of mold or mildew? Algae and other growths can spread quickly and cause damage to your gazebo. It’s also not aesthetically pleasing or aromatically pleasant. Prompt removal of any mold, mildew, or algae is important to maintain your gazebo. Many products are available that will kill these unsightly growths, including outdoor sprays, bleach and vinegar products.


With your plastic windows in place and regular cleaning and inspections, your gazebo interior will remain well-protected and maintained. However, after a few seasons, the exterior may need some renewing. Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint can make your gazebo feel like new.

Get Started Now

The first step to protecting your gazebo is plexiglass. Getting this in place will help extend the life of your gazebo and make it more functional year-round. For custom plastic fabrication in Ottawa, ON, call Plastics & Signs of Ottawa. We are ready to meet all your custom plastic needs and keep you (and your gazebo) protected.

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