Professional Sign Makers in Ottawa, ON Recommend Window Coverings for Your Business

You may not be up for winterizing outdoor signs, or perhaps you are simply looking for something new for your store or restaurant. Window coverings make a great alternative to traditional signage and are well within the expertise of professional sign makers in Ottawa, ON. Here are five ideas for window coverings that will get your business noticed even when you decide to keep outdoor signs in storage this winter:

  • Window decals: The nice thing about window decals is their easy removal. If you wish to promote with a seasonal display or you just like to change things up occasionally, window decals make the perfect option. You can also use them to try out a design idea to see how it works. Window decals are printed on both sides so they can be visible to customers inside and outside your storefront. This is an especially good option if your property already features large, airy windows but you wish to avoid a full time commitment with your décor for the time being.
  • Hanging graphics: If you do not want to stick anything directly onto your windows, you may want to consider a hanging graphic. These indoor-only signs can offer a less transparent, more temporary option when you are advertising retail or service specials. In many cases, you can install the graphics yourself without professional assistance. It all depends on the size and complexity of the signs.
  • Full or partial solid graphics: Sometimes, you are searching for a particularly decorative look that covers your windows. If you work from an office where confidentiality is a must, solid graphics are a decorative means of showing your customers that their privacy matters. We can make them as plain or embellished as you wish, and install them correctly for good long use.
  • Permanent adhesive coverings: Your store name, telephone number and even web address are all permanent features of your business. If you have a building that is particularly suited for putting this information on a window, you may wish to go with something more permanent than a hanging graphic or window decal, but without blocking off your windows. Permanent adhesives with graphics and lettering are a great choice.
  • Vehicle signs: It is not just your storefront that can benefit from window coverings—your car can turn into a mobile billboard with wraps and window décor. Order a full wrap for a striking moving graphic, or choose some window decals for something not quite so in-your-face that can be removed when other household members use your car. Having a well-advertised business office, storefront or restaurant is nice, but do not forget to consider the flexibility of advertising your business everywhere you go.

The team at Plastics and Signs of Ottawa is comprised of professional sign makers in Ottawa, ON who make window coverings and vehicle wraps. These can be great options for winter, and they allow for several forms that will fit your ideas and budget. Call us today to learn more.

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