Winterize Your Business Signs in Ottawa, ON

Winter in can be rough on business signs in Ottawa, ON, and you need to take particular care of them if you want them looking fresh for spring. Winterizing also helps you use signs for an entire year, rather than leaving them in storage each winter. Even if you have not winterized them yet, it is still not too late to help signs left outdoors or take others out of storage. Here are five points to help signs withstand cold and elements:

  • Start with material: The first step for winter-ready signs is to consider how they are made. If you are purchasing new ones, consider materials that stand up to freezing temperatures, high winds and snow. High endurance plastics work well, as does treated wood and metal. Wood especially adds prestige to your business because it is a polished look that stands out from the other plastic and metal signs. There are choices when it comes to winter-ready signs, and they can be worked into your budget. Rather than going for the lowest priced materials that will need to be replaced each year, find something that lasts.
  • Treat surfaces: Wood signs or those with painted surfaces require sealant. The protective layer will prevent winter’s worst from literally destroying your message. You want to apply sealants when the sign is dry, so late summer is a good time for treatment. However, if you have your signs in storage, you can seal them now so they can be used even though it is not spring yet. Keep an eye on the surface so you know when to add a fresh layer. It usually depends on whether the winter is especially rough or mild.
  • Consider cedar: When it comes to materials, there are general considerations you’ll want to take into account, but cedar specifically offers winter-proof qualities. It is durable and maintains its appearance despite snow. It also contains resins that offer natural waterproofing in winter and bug control in the summer. If you add a sealant to cedar, it is nearly indestructible. You will likely pay more for a cedar sign, but you will also not have to replace it for a long while.
  • Install awnings and other element controls: Bracing your business signs in Ottawa, ON against walls can help prevent wind damage. Likewise, if you add awnings to maintain a dry entrance, that also offers extra protection for your signs. If you have been considering covering a front porch or other outdoor structure, consider doing that not only for your customers but also for your signage.
  • When in doubt, store them: If your signs were a big investment and you are not sure if they will survive a severe bout of weather, there’s no harm in putting them in storage during those times. Sometimes, you can simply add life to signage by not leaving it out at night or at other inappropriate times. It can be a pain to move signs constantly, but it will also keep you from losing them or presenting them in spring without their former luster.

Plastics and Signs of Ottawa offers business signs that can withstand everything winter throws at them. Call us today to enhance your storefront.

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