Braille for Your Business: Five Types of Interior Business Signs in Ottawa, ON

You may not always notice Braille signs in public—not because it doesn’t apply to you, but more likely due to the fact that they’ve become mainstream in our society, and rightfully so. Living with vision impairment does not mean losing independence or that your limitations are hindering your daily functions, which is why large companies, small businesses and offices can contribute to their customers’ quality of life with Braille signage.

But as a business owner, when and where should you have Braille added to your signage? Here are five types of interior business signs in Ottawa, ON that you may want to consider for your business:

  • Welcome signs: Inside or outside, a welcome sign offers a greeting on the business’ and owner’s behalf. A sign can be as simple as “Welcome,” or you can work with a professional sign making company to custom design one for your establishment. You want to be known to the public as a place where everyone is welcome, so keep in mind that it’s important to extend an inviting hand to those with vision impairments and other disabilities, as well.
  • Restroom signs: This is one of the most important types of signs a business can have. It’s an amenity that no one wants to have to hunt for, and nor does anyone care to walk into the wrong bathroom, which is embarrassing and can catch users off guard if walked in on. If the restrooms cannot be located or distinguished between men’s and women’s by visually impaired patrons, then you may have some complaints on your hands.
  • Elevator and stair signs: Not only is it essential for safety to mark stairwells and elevators with proper signage, but including Braille that tells which floor or door leads where will prove most helpful. Also, in case of an emergency like a fire, stairway instructions are needed to point individuals with visual limitations to the nearest exit.
  • Directional signs: You can help customers or clients find their way through the halls by installing tactile interior business signs in Ottawa, ON on the walls at the start of each new hallway, at the top and bottom of the stairs, next to elevators and especially close to the entrance of your building. Placing a Braille sign to identify the reception area is also a good idea, as folks can opt to ask for directions there.
  • Specific room signs: Whether sighted or visually impaired, everyone appreciates room signs. Room signs tell you the identity of a room or an area, and they can even tell you what the room is used for should the room name be too general. Just think of the many kinds of rooms you know make up a building, such as conference rooms, locker rooms, coffee stations, waiting areas and individual offices. In addition, tactile room number signs are just as important as room names when the number is the only identifying label.

Updating interior business signs in Ottawa, ON to include Braille is a fantastic move. Visit the team at Plastics and Signs of Ottawa today, where it has never been easier to create your Braille-enhanced business signage.

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