The Importance of Tactile Business Signs in Ottawa, ON

Over the years, touchable signs and images have undoubtedly made life less of a guessing game for those living with visual limitations. Called tactile signs, this type of signage allows visually impaired individuals to read by touch, running their fingers along tiny raised bumps that come together to form words and numbers. This method of reading and writing a language is known as Braille, which is commonly found displayed on signage alongside written words for the general population. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of tactile business signs in Ottawa, ON.

OHRC compliance

As a business owner with a brick and mortar location, you should already be aware of the current laws and policies for your province. In Ontario, the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) has policies in place that require businesses to provide certain accommodations for people with disabilities. When it comes to signs around your business, the laws are more than reasonable: accommodate individuals with visual impairment by means of tactile signage.

More generally, the independence to perform everyday activities is something that everyone has a right to, especially since the public realm is not designated for only a single group of people. By displaying signs that speak to more than just your seeing customers, you are not only showing your willingness to contribute to personal independence, but also your respect for your vision-impaired customers.

Good business practice

If you have a vision impairment, being able to go about your day—going to work, grocery shopping, eating at a restaurant or going to a medical appointment—should not mean having to wait for an employee or customer to happen by to read a sign to you. To include Braille business signs in Ottawa, ON is good business practice for many reasons.

First, having both words and Braille posted is welcoming and speaks volumes about your business’ ethics. You don’t need to know much about human rights to know that this type of social inclusiveness makes a business stand out. Also, because everyone—visually impaired or not—can appreciate what a business is doing to support independence, your signs will not go unnoticed and good words will be said about your business. Word of mouth like this is one of the best forms of advertising out there.

Easy navigation for everyone

Navigating through a large business building without proper signs to guide you can have you all turned around, lost and frustrated. This is an even greater issue when there are no tactile signs to fit the needs of visually impaired individuals.

Signs are important for room identification—such as the names of particular rooms as well as room numbers, if applicable—so you can make it to an appointment on time or avoid walking in on the wrong conference. Tactile signage is also necessary to describe the amenities of a business or office, such as restrooms, phones, drinking fountains and stairways.

You may already be in compliance with the OHRC, but if you need new or additional tactile business signs in Ottawa, ON, contact the team at Plastics and Signs of Ottawa today to begin the process of creating new signage.

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