Improving Your School’s Prestige with a Sports Display Case

From elementary schools to their collegiate counterparts, sports play an integral role in education. Sports teach kids teamwork, accomplishment, work ethic and how to deal with loss—as a result, many parents seek out schools that have strong sports programs when it comes time to enroll their student for formal education.

Your school’s ability to provide a good education isn’t determined by the football team’s win/loss columns, however the prestige of sports is still going to play a role in how people perceive your institution, which makes it important to tout the victories of your school’s various teams. And there’s no better way to make a great impression than by proudly displaying the trophies, plaques, cups and other mementoes of your victory in a display case for all to see!

A display case that’s crafted via custom plastic fabrication in Ottawa, ON is going to be the very best way to not only display your school’s sports victories—it’s also a great way to call them out in unique and exciting ways, to bolster their prestige even more. Take a look at the effect a custom-made display case can have:

  • If your school’s numerous awards have a crown jewel—an achievement that dwarfs all others—a custom case can put this award front and center for everyone to immediately recognize. Whether it’s a province-wide winner in track and field or a world-class athlete from years past, putting these accolades right out in front is all about the design of the case!
  • Awards come in all shapes and sizes, meaning a run of the mill display case might not be suited to handle your various awards. A custom case can accommodate medals, trophies, cups, plaques, statues, pictures and even sports mementoes that may be on display. The clean look and feel of a custom designed display case will make every award seem all the more important.
  • Positioning the case itself is just as important as what you put in it. And, depending on where you plan on locating the trophy case in your school or university, there’s a good chance you’re going to need a custom approach to making sure it fits seamlessly in that place. Custom plastic fabrication in Ottawa, ON will ensure the façade of the case fits with its surroundings and that you’re not forcing things in a way that will cheapen the awards of leave them looking awkward where they stand.
  • Finally, a custom trophy case can accommodate your growing accolades! Don’t just display the awards of a bygone decade—make sure you’ve got room to display your continued successes. Custom cases can be designed for expansion and consolidation in a way that gives every award the distinguishing respect it deserves.

Don’t let your school’s sports accolades fall by the wayside or gather dust in some old athletic closet! Instead, display every award proudly for all to see in a custom display case. Your students will have something to strive for and your visitors will understand your success when it comes to academic sports!

Time to Roll Out Your Custom Awnings in Ottawa, ON!

The winter snows have finally receded and temperatures are on the rise. For businesses, this means it’s once again time to start thinking about advertising your establishment outdoors. If your business is part of a strip mall, has an outdoor seating area or caters to pedestrian customers, one of the core components of your summertime advertising arsenal absolutely needs to be custom awnings in Ottawa, ON.

Awnings are the perfect marriage of form vs. function, with advertising opportunity thrown into the mix, making them a smart investment for any business with the ability to use them. And, even more appealing about this advertising medium is its relatively low cost barrier.

Let’s explore a few of the ways awnings in Ottawa, ON can assist your business in presenting an appealing and eye-catching façade this summer:

  • First and foremost, branded awnings are going to make a statement about your business above plain ones. Slap your company logo on the awning, brand it with complementary colors or even display an advertising message across them—whatever it takes to transform a plain old awning into a powerhouse marketing tool!
  • Figure out where your awnings are best deployed and take a moment to customize them for that area. Case in point, if they’re overhanging the entrance to your business, consider a bold logo to signal to visitors that they’re in the right place. Conversely, if your awning is shielding an outdoor seating area, make sure they’re large enough to overhang people enjoying their time at your establishment. Size, shape, color and coverage are all going to be important to consider.
  • Awnings can be a great way to add pomp and circumstance to your business’ façade. If you’re an indiscriminate brick building or lack windows, people might not be too eager to explore your interior. Adding awnings to the façade of the building can create dimension, allure and intrigue—especially if they’re branded and play to the strengths of your business’ message.

With custom awnings in Ottawa, ON, the potential for advertising outdoors is nearly limitless! With the right installation you’ll be able to flag down foot traffic, encourage visitors to enjoy your outdoor amenities and even get the attention of vehicles passing by.

Caring for existing awnings

If you already have custom awnings and understand the allure they hold, it’s a good idea to make sure they’re dusted off, kempt and maintained before the summer season officially starts. Take stock of your existing materials and make sure they’re up to presentation standards before you deploy them.

If you find that your awnings are damaged, outdated or require a refresh, make the call to Plastics & Signs of Ottawa today! We’re happy to work with you to replicate an old design, formulate a new look or design custom awnings in Ottawa, ON from the ground up to help your business stand out. Get in touch with us today—summer is right around the corner and so are your customers!