5 Great Places for an Outdoor Sign in Ottawa, ON

Exterior signs surround us every day, and they range from the mundane (that old yellow yield sign near your house) to the outrageous (that hilarious quote on the restaurant billboard in the city). Some are informative, some are persuasive and still more are eye-catching—but no matter what the purpose of an outdoor sign in Ottawa, ON, it’s important that it’s seen and understood for it to be effective.

You may look at a sign and appreciate its purpose, but never stop to think that you could benefit from using one yourself. Signs aren’t just for big businesses; they serve a multitude of functions and might just benefit you in a myriad of ways, depending on your situation and the application of the sign! Here are five creative uses for exterior signs in Ottawa, ON:

  1. An outdoor event: Having a fundraiser or summer party? Point visitors in the right direction with beautiful fonts and easy-to-follow directions. Advertising a future event? Try a sign with splashy graphics and bright colors to catch the eye of passersby. A great sign can increase patronage, create awareness and draw last minute attendees to your crowd if it’s designed and positioned right!
  2. Scoreboards: Get your friends together for this one: it’s time to replace that ratty old scoreboard at the kids’ baseball diamond. Talk to your local exterior signs company for material and design ideas, and watch the team’s eyes light up when they see a brand new sign over their field. Scoreboards can be a practical and beautiful addition to any sports area—you can even incorporate local company branding if a sponsor is involved.
  3. Bulletin boards: Bulletin boards aren’t just for indoors: get a sturdy encased outdoor bulletin board to showcase upcoming events at your child’s school, or place one by the kiosk at your local theater to let people know about your next improv get together or upcoming play.
  4. College or university signs: Signs are a cost-effective and highly customizable way to share important information with students on college campuses everywhere. Let them know about campus safety, point them in the direction of specific buildings, or highlight upcoming student life events. Signs are great indoors, but they can also be highly effective outdoors, where people walking through campus can see them, even if they don’t go into a specific building. Incorporate images for added impact.
  5. Fitness signs: If you have a yoga studio, bike shop, or other athletic business, an exterior sign is a great way to drum up business and give people a quick summary of the purpose of your space as they walk by. Use eye-catching graphics to represent your fitness interests, and share the latest news and events with vibrant colors and creative layouts.

Whatever your passion, exterior signs can help you share it with your friends and neighbors in a fun and informative way. Contact your local exterior sign company for rates, suggestions and more.

5 Great Places for an Interior Sign in Ottawa, ON

If you’re a business owner, a volunteer or in any other community oriented work, you understand the impact that a good sign can have. You see signs all around you, in countless shapes and sizes, advertising a multitude of products, services and features. Maybe it’s time you made a smart investment and got a sign yourself!

Signs are a versatile and economical way to get the word out about what you do, and they are great for indoor and outdoor locations. And, whether your sign is informative, persuasive or technical, having the right signage location plays a very important role in who’s going to see that sign and how they’re going to perceive it. Let’s take a look at five ideal places and spaces for interior signs in Ottawa, ON.

  1. Suite labels: If you work in an office building, you know how important it is to have clear signage to direct people to the right floor or department. Place a custom sign near the elevators, at the hall entrance and in the waiting area. If you’d like clients to know where to find certain staff members, create a unique sign with information about their location in the building.
  2. Above pamphlet racks: Pamphlet racks are a staple of so many places, and the sign that invites guests to take a look at your literature doesn’t have to be boring. Make it unique, and place it on the rack or on the wall nearby so patrons feel welcomed.
  3. Door and apartment numbers: There are so many uses for signs in apartment buildings. Create small custom name signs to go with mailboxes, or make one sign at the front door to show where each resident lives in the building. Give your renters an extra perk with a classy apartment number on their own doors.
  4. Behind bars and counters: From hilarious to practical, bars are known for their signage. Since every bar needs to have a way of pointing patrons to the bathroom, why not make it unique? If your bar is historic, create your own plaque to commemorate its place in history, and nail it over a booth or behind the counter. Give customers a fun instructional sign above the jukebox so they know how to get their favorite tune going. And of course, if you do want to have a sign with a punchline, your customers will love your creativity when you design something unique to go behind your bar.
  5. Indoor store titles: If you have a store inside a mall or other type of enclosed shopping plaza, you’ll want to make sure you have an eye-catching sign with your store’s information. Make it bold and appealing so potential customers will want to learn more about you and come inside to make a purchase.

Whatever your interests, a great indoor sign in Ottawa, ON can help take you to the next level. Contact your local exterior sign company for rates, suggestions, and more.