Is It Time to Rebrand Your Company? How Commercial Signage in Ottawa, ON and Other Methods Can Help

There are several reasons why a business may want to rebrand itself, from business expansion to an updated new look. Knowing when to rebrand your company can help reinvigorate your business and bring in new customers. Rebranding can be as simple as getting new commercial signage in Ottawa, ON to better reflect your business or developing new packaging for your products. Here are some tips for recognizing when it’s time to rebrand your business—and some ways to go about making that happen.

Signs it’s time to rebrand

If you’ve noticed that your logo seems out of date or too closely resembles one of your competitors’, it may be time to rebrand. You want to make sure your brand targets your customer base, and a logo that seems old fashion may be turning them off. A new modern logo can attract new customers as they associate it with the type of business they want to buy from. It can also help to differentiate you from your competitors and help communicate what your business does.

There may come an occasion when your brand gets mistakenly identified as another company. If this company has a bad reputation, it may be putting your business at risk. Coming up with a new logo or new commercial signage in Ottawa, ON can help you break free from that mistaken identity and develop your own character.

When your current brand isn’t doing a good job of letting customers know what your business does and what its mission is, you may want to consider enacting a brand change. This can give you the opportunity to develop a brand that really signifies what your business’ products and services are about, and can help you work to develop a new customer base that now realizes that they are interested in your company.

How to go about it

Simple things can be done to launch your newly redesigned brand. One of the most obvious is to change your logo and install new commercial signage in Ottawa, ON that advertises your business. This will be the main way that customers will recognize your new brand, and it is a great way to introduce them to the update.

Your product packaging can also undergo a brand change. You can give your packaging a fresh new look that will attract new customers as it may now standout more on the shelf. Think about updating all business materials that may feature your new brand on them. This can include business cards, sales literature and letterhead. You want to get your new brand out to all your customers in every point of contact that you have with them.

Updating your brand can create a new image for your business. Using tools like commercial signage in Ottawa, ON can get the word out to them that you have a new brand. Take advantage of this opportunity to reintroduce your business to your customers, and find new customers as well. Plastics and Signs of Ottawa can help with your company’s rebranding. We produce custom signs and banners for interior or exterior use. Call us today for a consultation!

Using Vehicle Wraps in Ottawa, ON to Advertise Your Business

As a business owner, you are always looking for new and innovative ways to promote and advertise your company. Vehicle wraps in Ottawa, ON can offer you a new opportunity to get the word out about your business, as everywhere you go, people will see it, opening your business up to a whole new clientele of customers.

Understanding vehicle wraps

Vehicle wraps in Ottawa, ON are applied directly to the paint of the vehicle you choose. They are decals or vinyl graphics that display the original artwork that you have designed to promote your business. They are applied in a short amount of time and can be removed easily, returning your vehicle to its original paint color.

You can choose from a partial wrap or a full wrap, depending on your preference, and it can be applied to any type of vehicle, from cars and trucks to buses. You will work with a designer to create the imagery and get the exact measurements needed to design your vehicle wraps in Ottawa, ON. Graphics will then be printed and installed on your vehicle, creating the ultimate advertising option.

Benefits of vehicle wraps

A vehicle wrap will attract attention everywhere you go, as your vehicle will stand out, causing people to pay attention to the advertising message wrapped around your vehicle. It is a very effective means of advertising, as you naturally open yourself up to a wider audience of customers based upon your driving patterns. Wrap a whole fleet of vehicles, and you’ll have a really impactful message that will reach thousands.

Vehicle wraps in Ottawa, ON are ideal for local advertising and garnering local customers. With typical driving to local stops, you will be broadcasting your message to people in your area, simply by driving where you would normally go. This local driving will reach your exact target market as customers see your message displayed on your vehicle wrap.

This can be a very cost effective way to advertise, as one vehicle wrap can last up to five years. In other forms of advertising, you have to keep paying to communicate your advertising message over time, while a vehicle wrap allows you to invest once and advertise for several years. You can change the graphics on your vehicle wrap as frequently as you like, as it doesn’t damage your vehicle and offers a great way to constantly create visibility for your business.

A vehicle wrap can also work to protect your vehicle from scratches or damage from stones that get kicked up when you are driving. This can help leave your car in good condition when you are really to sell.

Applying vehicle wraps in Ottawa, ON can help increase your business by getting the word out to a larger group of customers. This affordable means of advertising a can bring in local customers that see your message everywhere you go. To get your own vehicle wrap, contact Plastics and Signs of Ottawa. We custom design graphics as well as install vehicle wraps for clients throughout the area and would love to discuss your plans with you.