Five Tips for the Best Vehicle Wraps in Ottawa, ON

Vehicle wraps are a great way to turn your car into a billboard as you travel. Many people avoid this means of advertising because they are afraid the design will look tacky or the effort will never pay for itself. However, there are ways to benefit from vehicle wraps without compromising your car’s appearance. Here are five tips for vehicle wraps in Ottawa, ON:

  • Choose colors wisely: You want the color of your wraps to complement your car. That is why many fleet investors purchase white cars—they are easier to customize. Your black car will make a stunning background, so go with bright colors that really stand out. White cars offer flexibility, but you may need to go bold to get noticed. If your car is a more unique color like gold or lime green, choose complementary colors, since you want potential customers to notice your message rather than be thinking about how your wrap clashes with your paint color.
  • Font matters: All of your signs and flyers may be in Times New Roman, but that will not necessarily look great on a wrap or sign. Fonts that work for print do not always offer the same advantages in larger presentations. However, avoid cartoonish or bubbly scripts that will keep your business from being taken seriously. Serif fonts are the most readable and look great on wraps.
  • Keep it simple: Loud graphics and long messages on your car will lose people. For one, they will not have time to read it while on the highway, and if your graphics are obnoxious, they will never want to look in the first place. Keep messages short and graphics attractive, yet noticeable. If you feel the design is too busy, do not make it reality until you tone it down a little. Get another opinion if you are unsure about a design.
  • Pay attention to details: You want to make firm decisions, but you also want to be sure. The wrap will be on your vehicle for a long time, and if you think you may hate it in a month, that is not the best design for you. Check logos and spelling—double check to exercise additional caution. Listen to suggestions from your sign designer. There may be ideas you have not considered before that will make your vehicle wrap look better.
  • Consider a border: Adding a border to any sign, including vehicle graphics, draws attention to it. Business names, telephone numbers and Internet information can all benefit from borders, and who knows—your trip to the grocery store may generate visitors the next day.

If you are not up to the commitment of a vehicle wrap, consider magnets. They will allow you to advertise your message without making permanent or semi-permanent changes to your car. You can also make magnets for specific promotions and change them when the event ends.

Plastics and Signs of Ottawa creates vehicle wraps in Ottawa, ON for a variety of businesses and campaigns. Call us today to see if you can benefit from our services as well.

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