Design Tips for Exterior Business Signs in Ottawa, ON That Help You Get the Most for Your Money

Advertising with exterior signs is necessary for small businesses, but it can be challenging. After all, you only have a very brief amount of time to get your information across and make an impression on passersby, especially if those people passing by are in a moving vehicle. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you are smart with the design of these signs, which will make your marketing more effective and ensure you are getting a worthwhile return on your investment.

Here are a few design tips for exterior business signs in Ottawa, ON that could help out your small business:

  • Keep it simple: Remember: most of the people who are going to be passing by your sign are going to be doing so in a moving vehicle. This means they’ll need to be able to see and read your sign without having to put much effort into it. In other words, any text or messaging you put on to your sign should be simple, so that all it takes is a glance for people to get the message.
  • Layout is crucial: Just like how you don’t want to cram too much text into a sign, you also don’t want to cram in too much in terms of design and layout. Filling a space and making a busy sign is a bad tactic. Less is more when it comes to the design, just like with the text, so make use of empty space and solid colors or gradients.
  • Choose a focal point: Strategically choose the item on your sign that is meant to be your focal point. This should be the aspect of the sign that has the most significance and should demand the most attention. This will likely include certain branding elements, such as a company name, logo or slogan.
  • Make sure you hire quality designers: For many people, the look at your exterior sign will be the first impression they get of your business. If you do not have design experience yourself, do not attempt to design your own signs and promotional material. Chances are it will come off looking amateurish, which could only damage your business’ image in the public eye. Going with professional designers instead will ensure you get attractive, high-quality signs and promotional items and will make a much better first impression on potential customers who pass your business.
  • Color is important: Colors are important in signage, not just in terms of the colors you choose, but how you use them as well. There should be plenty of contrast between text and background colors so that the sign can be easily read from a distance. You should also not choose too many colors to put into your design, as that could make the sign look busy and make it harder to read.

Plastics and Signs of Ottawa is pleased to assist you with all of your signage needs, with a focus on cost-effective service. For more information about designing exterior business signs in Ottawa, ON, contact us today.

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