Is Custom Plastic Fabrication in Ottawa, ON Right for Your Outdoor Spaces?

When you think of custom plastic fabrication in Ottawa, ON, you probably picture a material that’s meant for signs and vehicle wraps. But did you know that plastic can also keep you warm? At Plastics and Signs of Ottawa, we have a superior array of plexiglass products that we can use to enclose spaces you care about during the winter months. Read on to learn more.

Using plexiglass to your advantage

During the winter months, cold temperatures have a damaging effect on many aspects of our lives. We discover drafts we didn’t know existed in our homes, our heating bills spike and outdoor areas we used to enjoy become almost unbearably cold. So, what can you do? Fortunately, thanks to innovative solutions in the plastics industry, plenty! This sturdy material is very effective at blocking out cold winter weather in many ways, and you can feel confident having it installed in the winter and cleanly removed in the spring.

How does it work?

Plexiglass works by insulating your space against cold and wind, while still allowing in sunlight. You can see right through it, so you can still enjoy looking at your back yard or out of your property from where you’re sitting, but you’ll stay warm while you’re outside.

This type of custom plastic fabrication has another great perk: it can also vastly reduce your winter energy costs, as less cold air will be getting into your home if you install the protective layer on a screened-in porch, for example.

Where can I install it?

Plexiglass is a very versatile material. Just ask yourself which areas would benefit from winter weather protection, and chances are, you can install a protective plexiglass barrier there! For example, do your bedroom, living room, bathroom or kitchen windows let in cold air when you put your hand next to them? Windows tend to leak cold air by nature, and many homeowners don’t think there’s much to be done about it. But with plexiglass, you can seal your window wells, keeping out the cold air all season long.

Another great place to install plexiglass is in your outdoor buildings. If you have materials in your garage that you don’t want to freeze during the winter, consider installing plexiglass over your inside windows. Do you have a shed with windows that gets freezing cold? You can also install plexiglass over those windows, still allowing light to enter, but keeping out the bitter cold temperature.

If you have a barn on your property, plexiglass is also a great solution for this area. Barns can be tricky to keep warm, but at Plastics and Signs of Ottawa, we can use custom plastic fabrication in Ottawa, ON to insulate this space and keep the heat in and the cold out.

How do I get started?

When you’re ready to learn more about the value of custom plastic fabrication, just give Plastics and Signs of Ottawa a call. We’ll cut your plexiglass to size and help you install it. Stay warm with plexiglass this season—it’s an investment that you’ll thank yourself for making!

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