The Biggest Rules for Advertising on Billboards from Our Professional Sign Makers in Ottawa, ON

Take a ride down any highway in Canada and you’re certain to come across plenty of billboards along the way. Billboards can be extremely effective advertising tools, especially on boring, flat highways where there’s not a whole lot of scenery to look at. But these signs are only truly effective if you follow a certain set of guidelines to help you find success.

Here are a few of the biggest rules for advertising on billboards, straight from our professional sign makers in Ottawa, ON:

  • Keep the messages short: Six words or less is the ideal length of any message you place on a billboard. Many studies have shown six words to be the industry average for billboards, which means you have a very limited amount of space to get your message across. Any more than that, and you run the risk of having too many words on your sign for people to read within the time they’re driving past. If your brand, service or product is extremely complex, billboards might not be the best medium for you to advertise with.
  • Get noticed: All you have is a few seconds to get people to notice your message. However, you also need to avoid making your sign a distraction. You should have a crisp, clean design that doesn’t require a whole lot of effort to take in.
  • Don’t bother with contact info: An overwhelming majority of people who see your billboard will never use phone numbers, email addresses or URLs they see on a billboard, so you probably shouldn’t even bother with them. The point of a billboard isn’t to get a direct response from your customers, but rather to help build up brand image and awareness. Billboards offer support to an advertising campaign — they are not intended to be a campaign in and of themselves. This is one of the reasons why you can get away with very simple messaging. An interesting design will encourage passersby who see the sign to search for more information on their own.
  • Location counts: Obviously, where the billboard is located is important. It should be at least relatively close to where you provide your services or where you have storefronts. Preferably, it should also be in an area that gets a fair amount of traffic. It doesn’t really help you much to have a billboard up on a practically deserted highway.
  • Use it as a branding opportunity: Remember what we said earlier: a billboard is a chance to support your branding efforts. Therefore, any billboard you put up should include your company name, logo and/or slogan. Using a billboard as a chance to build on the branding efforts made in other marketing endeavors is a smart strategy.

With the assistance of a skilled professional from Plastics and Signs of Ottawa, you can get a solid return on investment for marketing on a billboard. For more information about billboard design services, contact our professional sign makers in Ottawa, ON today and we will be happy to help.

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