Tips for Making Compelling Interior Business Signs in Ottawa, ON

Just about any type of retail business will use interior signage to help guide customers, motivate purchase decisions and advertise specific products. Whenever you decide to use interior business signs in Ottawa, ON, it is important that you put some time and effort into designing them well so they will actually be effective for their specific purpose.

Here are a few tips to help you create more compelling interior business signs:

  • Make sure they get straight to the point: When people are shopping inside your store, their focus is on getting all the items on their list and finding what they need in the store, not on reading your advertisements. Therefore, any interior signage you use needs to be brief and straight to the point. There should be a simple image and very few words—just enough for someone to take in while they’re walking past an aisle or display.
  • Choose easily readable fonts: Clear font characters are a must. Once again, you’re dealing with customers who have many other things on their mind while in your store. They must be able to take in information from signs as quickly as possible, which means you should use bold, crisp font characters, preferably without serifs. If customers can’t quickly read your messages, then they’ll quickly move on.
  • Give them a reason to buy: Your interior signs should serve the purpose of motivating purchase decisions. Give a simple reason why they should buy your products. Clothing shops and department stores, for example, can focus on fashion, seasonal wear, comfort and any other number of reasons. Game stores might focus on bestsellers or new releases. It’s not enough to just say, “Here’s where you can find this product!” You need to give them a “why.”
  • Test it out first: Before you put a sign out for permanent display, test it yourself. Make sure it can be easily read from an appropriate distance. Make sure it’s attractive and jumps out at you. If you are planning on putting the sign in your storefront window, make sure you can actually see it and make it out through the glass without having to strain. If you need to, you can go back and make changes.
  • Make sure there’s plenty of color contrast: Another common mistake business owners make in terms of readability with their signs is not having enough contrast between the color of the background or image and the color of the font. Make sure there is a stark contrast between the two colors so that the words can be easily read by anyone.
  • Avoid being generic: Make sure all of your signs fit within your brand’s personality. There are plenty of simple signs that work without reinventing the wheel, but you can always put your own twist on things to add a little extra personality.

For more information about how to design high quality interior business signs in Ottawa, ON, contact us today at Plastics and Signs of Ottawa.

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