5 Great Places for an Interior Sign in Ottawa, ON

If you’re a business owner, a volunteer or in any other community oriented work, you understand the impact that a good sign can have. You see signs all around you, in countless shapes and sizes, advertising a multitude of products, services and features. Maybe it’s time you made a smart investment and got a sign yourself!

Signs are a versatile and economical way to get the word out about what you do, and they are great for indoor and outdoor locations. And, whether your sign is informative, persuasive or technical, having the right signage location plays a very important role in who’s going to see that sign and how they’re going to perceive it. Let’s take a look at five ideal places and spaces for interior signs in Ottawa, ON.

  1. Suite labels: If you work in an office building, you know how important it is to have clear signage to direct people to the right floor or department. Place a custom sign near the elevators, at the hall entrance and in the waiting area. If you’d like clients to know where to find certain staff members, create a unique sign with information about their location in the building.
  2. Above pamphlet racks: Pamphlet racks are a staple of so many places, and the sign that invites guests to take a look at your literature doesn’t have to be boring. Make it unique, and place it on the rack or on the wall nearby so patrons feel welcomed.
  3. Door and apartment numbers: There are so many uses for signs in apartment buildings. Create small custom name signs to go with mailboxes, or make one sign at the front door to show where each resident lives in the building. Give your renters an extra perk with a classy apartment number on their own doors.
  4. Behind bars and counters: From hilarious to practical, bars are known for their signage. Since every bar needs to have a way of pointing patrons to the bathroom, why not make it unique? If your bar is historic, create your own plaque to commemorate its place in history, and nail it over a booth or behind the counter. Give customers a fun instructional sign above the jukebox so they know how to get their favorite tune going. And of course, if you do want to have a sign with a punchline, your customers will love your creativity when you design something unique to go behind your bar.
  5. Indoor store titles: If you have a store inside a mall or other type of enclosed shopping plaza, you’ll want to make sure you have an eye-catching sign with your store’s information. Make it bold and appealing so potential customers will want to learn more about you and come inside to make a purchase.

Whatever your interests, a great indoor sign in Ottawa, ON can help take you to the next level. Contact your local exterior sign company for rates, suggestions, and more.

Five Benefits of Using Acrylic Fabrication for Custom Signs in Ottawa, ON

Acrylic fabrication—which is essentially the forming of strong plastic into a custom shape and size—is a very popular choice when it comes to custom signs in Ottawa, ON. In fact, the team here at Plastics and Signs of Ottawa advises all of our clients to use custom acrylic fabrication because it is affordable, highly durable and can be molded into whatever shape, size and style you want.

But if you are considering investing in new custom signs in Ottawa, On for your small business, you might be wondering if acrylic fabrication is really the way to go. Here is a closer look at why we recommend custom acrylic fabrication to all of our valued customers:

  • Lightweight: Life is unpredictable, and you never know when you are going to need to move things around or even fully transport your business sign. Having a sign that is lightweight but still high quality can make things a lot easier, and that is exactly what you get when you invest in acrylic fabricated signs for your small business. And in the event of a natural disaster, you and your employees will be much safer than if you had chosen a metal sign.
  • Affordable: We know that it takes a lot of financial smarts and creativity to successfully run a small business, and that a good business owner knows how to save money without sacrificing quality. That is why so many businesses choose acrylic fabrication for their marketing signs. They are a fraction of the cost of metal signs, and they are built to last.
  • Durable: Durability is important in a sign, as you rely on it to keep looking nice and representing your business well for a long time. Because it is made out of durable plastic, an acrylic fabricated sign can withstand a lot of wear and tear, and is highly resistant to dents, cracks and even scratches. That means you will save money by not needing to replace your signs very often.
  • Climate resistant: Here in Canada, we know all about extreme weather, whether it’s sweaty summers or huge blizzards. While some signs can get easily damaged in the winter and even melt or warp in the summer heat, acrylic fabricated custom signs in Ottawa, ON can stand up in virtually any climate, meaning you will have one less thing to worry about on those freezing winter days.
  • Highly customizable: Finally, the whole point of investing in custom signs is that you will have complete control over the color, style and overall look of the signs. Because they are made of plastic, fabricated acrylic signs offer a wide range of options when it comes to the color, size and shape that are best for your business.

If you are interested in acrylic fabricated custom signs in Ottawa, ON, please get in touch with the team at Plastics and Signs of Ottawa today. We have been providing attractive, durable, affordable and highly customizable signs to business in the area since 1965.

Six Benefits to Using LED Signs in Ottawa, ON

LED signs in Ottawa, ON attract attention by being a glowing endorsement of your business—literally. Their proven success makes them an attractive option for many, but it is too often assumed they are not cost effective. It is very likely that an LED sign will pay for itself rather swiftly because of its excellent attention-getting abilities. Here are six benefits LED signs can offer to your marketing approach:

  • Flexibility: An LED sign means options! Since it does not display a fixed message, you can change it daily or weekly to advertise specials, share news or target customers. They can also be made in any size that’s most likely to boost your business, from billboard dimensions to a simple price list. The LED is as complex or simple as you (and your budget) need it to be, which makes it a flexible advertising method.
  • Eye catching: LED signs are meant to be noticed. Unlike neon or fluorescent signs, which are almost jarring for some businesses, the LED display illuminates with a consistent brightness. Customers can see it close-up and at a distance, which keeps you getting noticed. It also doesn’t matter the time of day—LED can be seen in the daytime as well as at night.
  • Longevity: Quality LED signs last 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which amounts to up to five years longer than fluorescent and neon. You will pay more for a LED sign over other lighted options, but you are also unlikely to have to replace it anytime soon.
  • Low maintenance: There are no bulbs to change and no adjustments needed to maintain a steady level of brightness. LED signs in Ottawa, ON also use less power, so your utility bills will not spike with the new signage. They also do not put off heat like bulb-based lighted signs, so you do not have to worry about it warming up your business premises and driving up air conditioning costs in the summer.
  • Colors and other options: You can choose the usual red or amber lettering, but other colors are available, too. Tour choices are not limited to letter coloring, however. Full-color versions of the LED sign can really help your business shine above the others. You can also choose between presentation options. Program a moving ticker for a longer message, or keep it short and sweet with a static presentation.
  • Easily operated: Your current Windows-based computer equipment is all you need to program your LED sign. If your sign is outdoors and the weather is nasty, you can change the message from the comfort of the indoors. Some signs can be updated remotely, so you do not even have to be at your business to change the sign. You will be able to provide your customers with real-time messages, no matter your location or circumstances.

Plastics & Signs of Ottawa is available to design and build LED signs that effectively draw attention to your business or storefront. To learn more about the options we offer, call or visit us today.

Get Custom Signs in Ottawa, ON for Your Startup

Getting a startup business off the ground is all about planning and executing innovative ideas. Everything with a new business is about setting your business apart from the competition, standing out amongst the crowd and doing things bigger and better to ensure customers will keep coming back. For many new business owners, this requires bold new ideas, not just doing what has always been done in the past. Some methods of helping a business succeed are pretty tried and true, however, and can still actually help you stand out in comparison to your competition. One of these methods is quality custom signage. Your startup is not complete until you have custom signs in Ottawa, ON.

Having custom signs in Ottawa, ON may not be the big and bold new idea you were looking for to help your business succeed, but you can bet that success will not happen without quality signs. Sometimes the oldest ideas are the best, so before you think of everything else besides putting a sign up, consider placing new signs at the top of your to-do list. Here are a few reasons why.

Custom store signs are critical to the overall success of any business. For starters, even before you open, they announce to the area, and to everyone passing by, the soon-to-be occupant of the space. Do not think of it as a last minute unveiling. Letting everyone around you know exactly what new business will be opening ahead of time will help build anticipation for when you finally open your doors. It gets the word out around town and does a lot of marketing ahead of time before you begin advertising in other ways.

Even once your startup is operating, your store signage will continue to function in the form of marketing and advertising. Don’t just focus on marketing and advertising in other ways—start with the basics, such as custom signs in Ottawa, ON.

Great signs also offer a more inviting storefront. They inject character into your startup and give your store the appearance of having been around for a while. Let custom signs make you a part of the neighborhood, not just a guest. You’ll be doing this with your interior space as well. Most likely you have put a lot of thought into the inside of your store, so don’t make the mistake of forgetting the outside. Make your custom signs part of both the exterior and interior of your startup to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The signs you choose build a link between your store and your customers. Choose something that will resonate with them and make them happy to come back, something they will see and that will always help remind them to stop in for more of your quality service. No startup is complete without quality custom signs. Before you accidentally forget to leave room in your budget for custom signs in Ottawa, ON, make custom signs your next top priority. Call Plastics and Signs of Ottawa today to learn more about your options.

Say What You Need to Say with Custom Sign Fabrication in Ottawa, ON

When it comes to owning and operating your own business, odds are you’ll more than likely find yourself in a sea of other various working professionals who are doing something similar to you. Since this is the case, you’ll want to do something in order to stand out from the crowd and separate yourself.

In order to set yourself above the rest you need to find the best, most unique and personalized advertising on the market—custom signs. Custom sign fabrication in Ottawa, ON is a great way to spread the word about your business or other opportunities you are offering and can leave a lasting impression on potential customers. It’s also that extra step needed to set your business above all the rest.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with custom sign fabrication, not to worry, it’s quite simple. The main object that you need to focus on is ‘what kind of message do I want me and my business to put out into the world.’ As soon as you know the type of message you are looking to convey, you can then make that vision a reality.

Working with your local custom sign fabrication professional in Ottawa, ON, you can build and design your own personal sign and see it through from start to finish, making sure it is exactly what you are looking for, but why go with making a custom sign? What are the benefits to you and your company in creating a custom sign?

Why custom signs?

Freedom to design whatever you want. Because you are looking to have a custom made sign, you can have it tailored to your exact specifications. This offers you full control in having it look exactly how you want and need it to.

Endless Possibilities. Since you have the freedom to design your sign however you’d like, there are endless amounts of possibilities. Your custom sign fabrication in Ottawa, ON can be as large or small, as detailed or plain as you want.

Cost effective. Since you have the ability to control how you want your custom sign to look, you also have full control over the costs. So if you are working with a budget, you can make your sign exactly how you want and also maintain control of your money.

Personalized publicity. One of the best things about designing your own sign is that you get to personalize it, which sends out a personalized message to your customers as well as other companies.

Lasting impressions. With your unique custom sign fabrication in Ottawa, ON you can forever make an impression on your customers, making their experience with you one they will never forget.

No matter your needs, custom sign fabrication in Ottawa, ON can get you and your business off and running with a unique, personalized message and is the best choice for matchless and professional sign designs made just for your business!