The Many Benefits of Fiberglass Products in Ottawa, ON

Fiberglass is not just the pink fluffy stuff that’s commonly found in attics and inside walls. In fact, fiberglass comes in other forms for a variety of uses, including being used in the creation of commercial signs. If you are currently brainstorming your next custom business sign, then you must learn about the many benefits of fiberglass products in Ottawa, ON.

Possessing a number of great qualities ranging from strength to appearance, fiberglass is at the top of the list of popular materials for indoor and outdoor signs. Here are a few of those beneficial qualities:

  • Fiberglass is a strong and long lasting material: First and foremost, fiberglass is fantastic for outdoor signs for several reasons. To start, it is stronger than sheet metal, will not rust, is highly resistant to corrosion and stands up to corrosive chemicals. Because fiberglass does not corrode, this material is perfect for businesses in need of signage that are located close to the ocean where the salt content in the air is high. Fiberglass signs are also composed of fire-resistant resins, meaning your signs will hold up in the extreme weather heat or in the event of a fire.
  • It has a nice appearance: Fiberglass does not look cheap. Instead, it has a professional appearance with a smooth surface for readability, which is great for attracting new business. Your signs will be pleasing to the eyes of potential customers while providing an aesthetic appeal to its surrounding area. Go with fiberglass if you’re seeking a clean look for your signs.
  • It is flexible in design: Since fiberglass offers fewer molding restrictions during the fabrication process, you can have a sign that curves, bends, even shapes to something other than a square or rectangle. And, you can achieve the desired look you want for your commercial signage with the same durability as traditional designs.
  • Fiberglass has an economical cost: When deciding to go with fiberglass for your products in Ottawa, ON, not only will you be happy with the quality you’ll be getting, but its low cost as well. The lower cost for fiberglass is reflected partially in it being a stronger yet lighter material that is less expensive to ship and store, and because it is relatively inexpensive to make repairs to.

Selecting fiberglass for your business signage needs should not rely solely on one single aspect—affordability, strength, reliability or a pleasing appearance—but should reflect on your decision as a unified group made up of desirable qualities.

The availability of fiberglass in many commercial sign fabrication shops around the county, including the industry as a whole, is a testament to its good reputation as a reliable resource. Sign makers want to help you represent yourself to the public in a unique and respectable manner, which is why they will use only the best materials available to create your signage.

Now that you are more familiar with the benefits of fiberglass products in Ottawa, ON, specifically for commercial signage and fabrication, visit a custom sign shop near you today!

Plastics and Signs of Ottawa Offers Epoxy Resin Boat Repair!

Making an investment in a boat isn’t something anyone should do on a whim—owning a boat, no matter how big or small it may be, is a lot of work and takes an abundant amount of responsibility to maintain. In fact, many boat owners completely underestimate the responsibilities of owning a boat and only truly realize what they’ve gotten themselves into when they’re in need of essential repairs.

For all of the boat owners out there, Plastics and Signs of Ottawa wants to help alleviate some of the strain that comes with discovering and taking care of boat damages—whether they’ve been caused by wear and tear, weathering or the previous owner of your watercraft. That’s why we’re proud to offer epoxy resin boat repair and custom plastic fabrication in Ottawa, ON, aimed at restoring the resilience and reliability of your boat!

Restoring your boat’s bottom

A boat with a compromised frame (hull) is a boat that’s not going to do you much good—after all, how are you supposed to enjoy your time out on the water if you’re worried about capsizing in a boat frame that’s seen its fair share of damage?

If there are structural damages to your boat, it puts you, the boat owner, in a tough position to navigate. On one hand, the damages may be severe enough where your boat is sidelined until they’re fixed—on the other, you might not have the skills to make the necessary repairs. What this leaves most boat owners with is a conundrum: do I simply buy a new boat or take my existing boat in for repairs?

The answer, when you choose Plastics and Signs of Ottawa, can and should be the latter option: boat repairs done by our professionals are seamless and durable, breathing new life into your watercraft. Our professionals are so experienced in regards to epoxy resin repairs and custom plastic fabrication in Ottawa, ON, your boat will come back looking better than brand new!

Knowledge is valuable

You’ve probably seen epoxy resin repair kits at your local repair store or boat outfitters shop—what’s to stop you from buying and using these specialized kits to perform your own repairs? The simple answer is accuracy and experience: both of which will be lacking when you put yourself in the position to make repairs that are beyond just a simple store-bought kit.

By entrusting Plastics and Signs of Ottawa with your epoxy repair or custom plastic fabrication in Ottawa, ON, you’re putting your faith in professionals who have been in the business for decades and who understand the nuances of what it means to truly repair plastic fabrications.

Instead of leaving your boat sidelined with damages or attempting complicated repairs on your own, trust us to get the job done quickly and accurately. We’ll ensure that your boat has a seamlessly crafted frame, sound composure and no trace of the damages that left it lacking before you came to us!

Epoxy Resin Boat Repair and High Quality Custom Plastic Fabrication in Ottawa, ON

Here at Plastics and Signs of Ottawa, our range of services and expertise extends far beyond just making unique and wonderful signage displays—we’re also your local experts on all things involving custom plastic fabrication in Ottawa, ON and comprehensive plastic repairs.

This time of year marks a busy time for all things plastic—including epoxy resin boat repair, for those boaters who are anxious to hit the water for a day of fishing, tubing or just plain relaxation. Through the keen eye of a plastic repair professional, we’re able to give boats the thorough treatment they deserve, to keep the water out and the boat afloat!

Epoxy repairs

Boats are extremely resilient in their construction: they can take the brunt of constant exposure to the elements, wear and tear of water and the capacity of whatever is within their keep while out on the water. But, with all of this resilience, comes the potential for minor abrasions that can quickly develop into major problems if left unchecked over time.

Cracks in the fiberglass of a boat can spell disaster for its ability to float, chips can create weak points for future abrasions and weak points in the epoxy resin that coats a boat’s frame can allow the elements to slowly wear down the hull. In all of these cases, it takes an expert touch to properly and thoroughly repair this resin, to create sustainability that lasts.

Custom plastic fabrication

While boat repairs are common this type of year, Plastics and Signs of Ottawa also sees an influx of custom plastic fabrication in Ottawa, ON as well. Businesses that are preparing for summer commerce are seeking resilient plastic advertising materials, companies are in need of custom plastic products for new projects and some organizations take this time of year in stride, to ensure that they’re getting the plastic products they need to sustain them through the end of the year.

Whether it’s advertising and signage products, functional accessories or a custom plastic fabrication with its very own purpose, make sure that you’re entrusting the job to experts who are adept at dealing with the entire gamut of plastic products. You’re guaranteed a dependable product, seamless fabrication and the experienced eye of talented professionals throughout the entire process, from conception and design, to manufacturing and implementation.

The right project, at the right time

As stated, summertime is one of the busiest times of year for plastic product fabrication and repairs! If you’re saddled with a boat that’s in need of some work or you’re finally ready to move forward with a custom plastic fabrication in Ottawa, ON, make sure that you’re speaking to a professional at Plastics and Signs of Ottawa as soon as possible, before the seasonal rush hits!

We’re happy to work with you regarding any and all of your fabrication or repair needs and we won’t hesitate to help you achieve the end result you’ve envisioned the whole time—whether it’s a pristine-looking boat or a unique plastic product for a special application.

Structural Damages Require Boat and Jet Ski Repair in Ottawa

Boating and jet skiing are two great hobbies to take advantage of in the spring and summer months. If you’re lucky enough to own your own boat or jet ski, then you understand how convenient it is to be able to haul it down to the slip, immerse it and spend the day out on the open water. However, while it’s nice to remember the good times you’ve had on your boat or jet ski, it’s also important to remember that there’s a certain degree of care and maintenance that comes with owning either of these items.

While mechanical maintenance is paramount to keeping your aquatic investment in proper working order, cosmetic maintenance is also just as important for other reasons. If the fiberglass, metal or plastic components of your boat or jet ski are damaged, you’ll be in for issues that could affect performance in the long haul. Take a look at just a few reasons why boat or jet ski repair in Ottawa may benefit you this spring:

Functional integrity: Part of your boat or jet ski’s frame is all about aesthetic, while the other part is crucial to its functional integrity. If there’s a crack in your boat’s frame, for example, it’s paramount that you seek boat repair in Ottawa immediately because that crack could cost you your boat if left unrepaired. The same holds true for a jet ski—a broken piece of the frame could lead to further damage if that shell was protecting a mechanical system of the jet ski itself.

Cosmetic investment: Just like a car or truck is an investment that depreciates quickly, the same could be said for a boat or jet ski. These items depreciate over the years because they take the brunt of the elements while they’re out on the water. Letting a boat or jet ski’s frame take damage that goes unrepaired will only serve to decrease its value even further. But, if you’re the type of person that wants to preserve the value of your investment, it pays to undertake boat repair in Ottawa, which will ensure that at least some value is retained by your great-looking watercraft.

Small damages get bigger: While you may not pay much mind to a small knick or chip to the fiberglass on your jet ski, you’re a lot more likely to pay attention if you notice this problem area getting bigger. Because we rip through the water on jet skis and motor through the waves on our boats, we’re putting a tremendous amount of pressure on the frame of these watercraft while they’re in motion. Because they’re taking on so much pressure, you’re likely to see even the smallest problem areas get bigger over time, simply because stress and strain will exacerbate the existing problem quickly.

Just like you’d take your boat or jet ski for mechanical service, it’s equally as important to consider cosmetic repairs as well. Boat and jet ski repair in Ottawa are crucial to ensuring that your investment in a watercraft is one you’ll be able to enjoy for seasons to come.

Spring is the Season for Boat Repair in Ottawa

A boat isn’t much use in the winter months, when lakes and rivers are frozen over and time spent out on the water is about as enjoyable as living in an ice chest. But, as the snows begin to melt and the ice quickly turns back into water, many people are getting their boats ready for the spring and summer months ahead—when spending time out on the water is a calming, enjoyable pastime for many Ottawa residents.

But, before you hitch up your boat and take it down to the slip for a few hours of relaxation this spring, be sure to check your boat for flaws that may have developed over the winter and if necessary, seek boat repair in Ottawa.

Common boat repair issues

No matter if your boat is old or new, big or small, it’s susceptible to problems purely due to its manufacturing. Boats are built to be completely watertight—after all, what’s the use of taking a boat out on the water if you’re going to sit there sinking in it? Because watertight manufacturing is key, there’s often a lot of stress in place when it comes to the structure of the boat.

Many boats utilize a fiberglass shell for a reason. Fiberglass holds up great to tension, is lightweight and floats. Fiberglass is optimal when it comes to engineering a boat, however it comes with one main drawback—during the winter months, fiberglass is prone to cracking. In fact, much of the necessary boat repairs during the springtime come down to a need for fiberglass repair in Ottawa.

Taking a boat out on the water with even the smallest crack, splinter or spidering in the fiberglass is a risk for both the boat and anyone in it. Weak sections of fiberglass will collapse under the stress of a boat’s frame, creating major damage when the tension finally reaches a breaking point. For this reason, fiberglass repair in Ottawa is paramount before taking your damaged boat out onto the water.

Making amends with your boat

How exactly do you repair a boat that’s the victim of fiberglass damage? Well, despite being a fragile material in the cold, fiberglass is actually extremely resilient in heat and bonds very well with epoxies, which can be used to seal up cracks or splinters. Applying an epoxy is the first and foremost way to repair the fiberglass frame of a boat.

Not just any epoxy will do, however—it takes a watertight, insoluble epoxy that will stand up to the elements and the test of time. Here at Plastics and Signs of Ottawa, we rely on West System® epoxy for all of our fiberglass repair needs. This marine-grade epoxy bonds to coat fiberglass, metal, wood and other composite materials, providing airtight moisture resistance and superior strength.

If you’re doing a cursory inspection of your boat this spring and you find an area that may have been compromised by the cold, bring your boat to Plastics and Signs of Ottawa, where we’ll ensure the finest boat repair in Ottawa, getting you back out onto the water faster and more reliably!