5 Great Places for an Outdoor Sign in Ottawa, ON

Exterior signs surround us every day, and they range from the mundane (that old yellow yield sign near your house) to the outrageous (that hilarious quote on the restaurant billboard in the city). Some are informative, some are persuasive and still more are eye-catching—but no matter what the purpose of an outdoor sign in Ottawa, ON, it’s important that it’s seen and understood for it to be effective.

You may look at a sign and appreciate its purpose, but never stop to think that you could benefit from using one yourself. Signs aren’t just for big businesses; they serve a multitude of functions and might just benefit you in a myriad of ways, depending on your situation and the application of the sign! Here are five creative uses for exterior signs in Ottawa, ON:

  1. An outdoor event: Having a fundraiser or summer party? Point visitors in the right direction with beautiful fonts and easy-to-follow directions. Advertising a future event? Try a sign with splashy graphics and bright colors to catch the eye of passersby. A great sign can increase patronage, create awareness and draw last minute attendees to your crowd if it’s designed and positioned right!
  2. Scoreboards: Get your friends together for this one: it’s time to replace that ratty old scoreboard at the kids’ baseball diamond. Talk to your local exterior signs company for material and design ideas, and watch the team’s eyes light up when they see a brand new sign over their field. Scoreboards can be a practical and beautiful addition to any sports area—you can even incorporate local company branding if a sponsor is involved.
  3. Bulletin boards: Bulletin boards aren’t just for indoors: get a sturdy encased outdoor bulletin board to showcase upcoming events at your child’s school, or place one by the kiosk at your local theater to let people know about your next improv get together or upcoming play.
  4. College or university signs: Signs are a cost-effective and highly customizable way to share important information with students on college campuses everywhere. Let them know about campus safety, point them in the direction of specific buildings, or highlight upcoming student life events. Signs are great indoors, but they can also be highly effective outdoors, where people walking through campus can see them, even if they don’t go into a specific building. Incorporate images for added impact.
  5. Fitness signs: If you have a yoga studio, bike shop, or other athletic business, an exterior sign is a great way to drum up business and give people a quick summary of the purpose of your space as they walk by. Use eye-catching graphics to represent your fitness interests, and share the latest news and events with vibrant colors and creative layouts.

Whatever your passion, exterior signs can help you share it with your friends and neighbors in a fun and informative way. Contact your local exterior sign company for rates, suggestions and more.

Time to Roll Out Your Custom Awnings in Ottawa, ON!

The winter snows have finally receded and temperatures are on the rise. For businesses, this means it’s once again time to start thinking about advertising your establishment outdoors. If your business is part of a strip mall, has an outdoor seating area or caters to pedestrian customers, one of the core components of your summertime advertising arsenal absolutely needs to be custom awnings in Ottawa, ON.

Awnings are the perfect marriage of form vs. function, with advertising opportunity thrown into the mix, making them a smart investment for any business with the ability to use them. And, even more appealing about this advertising medium is its relatively low cost barrier.

Let’s explore a few of the ways awnings in Ottawa, ON can assist your business in presenting an appealing and eye-catching façade this summer:

  • First and foremost, branded awnings are going to make a statement about your business above plain ones. Slap your company logo on the awning, brand it with complementary colors or even display an advertising message across them—whatever it takes to transform a plain old awning into a powerhouse marketing tool!
  • Figure out where your awnings are best deployed and take a moment to customize them for that area. Case in point, if they’re overhanging the entrance to your business, consider a bold logo to signal to visitors that they’re in the right place. Conversely, if your awning is shielding an outdoor seating area, make sure they’re large enough to overhang people enjoying their time at your establishment. Size, shape, color and coverage are all going to be important to consider.
  • Awnings can be a great way to add pomp and circumstance to your business’ façade. If you’re an indiscriminate brick building or lack windows, people might not be too eager to explore your interior. Adding awnings to the façade of the building can create dimension, allure and intrigue—especially if they’re branded and play to the strengths of your business’ message.

With custom awnings in Ottawa, ON, the potential for advertising outdoors is nearly limitless! With the right installation you’ll be able to flag down foot traffic, encourage visitors to enjoy your outdoor amenities and even get the attention of vehicles passing by.

Caring for existing awnings

If you already have custom awnings and understand the allure they hold, it’s a good idea to make sure they’re dusted off, kempt and maintained before the summer season officially starts. Take stock of your existing materials and make sure they’re up to presentation standards before you deploy them.

If you find that your awnings are damaged, outdated or require a refresh, make the call to Plastics & Signs of Ottawa today! We’re happy to work with you to replicate an old design, formulate a new look or design custom awnings in Ottawa, ON from the ground up to help your business stand out. Get in touch with us today—summer is right around the corner and so are your customers!

Understanding the Importance of Color in Your Signage

While advertising for products and services has been around since before the invention of the television, it’s our modern day world that has magnified the visual form of branding. In the past, radio and word-of-mouth were the most popular ways to advertise a business. Today is the age of visual ads seen on TV, freeway billboards and space in local newspapers, and, most important, the signage placed on physical business buildings.

As a business owner, effective marketing is vital to your success. Marketing to potential customers for their business inevitably means competing against other similar companies in your industry, their branding to be exact. And when it comes to attracting attention, nothing stands out more than bold colors on your commercial signage in Ottawa, ON.

You’ve probably noticed businesses using their logo colors in everything from letterheads to outdoor signs. Seeing the same colors and patterns repeatedly clicks in your brain as something that needs to be remembered, therefore, utilizing your business’s colors throughout your advertising efforts is a beneficial way to brand yourself.

Color is a very important aspect to consider when it comes to designing alluring and effective signage for your business. For example, if you place a plastic sign with plain black lettering on the roadside near your business, it will likely be missed by passersby. Alternatively, add some color to the same sign and there will be a greater chance for your business sign to be noticed. This is due to the human brain being be attracted to excitement over boredom—in this case, bold colors over simple black. Think of it like bees pollinating flowers—they’re drawn to beautiful colors and vibrant hues in the same way we’re drawn to exciting signage!

The feel of color

Color is undeniably linked to emotion, but more so, there’s a psychology that can be applied when understanding the impact different colors have on different people.

Blue, for example, has been shown to be the most popular color that appeals to both men and women. Before simply choosing a popular color like blue, however, you first need to test for its ability to work for what your business stands for. Who’s your audience? What’s the nature of your business? What emotions does blue stimulate in a marketing sense? All of these must be considered before picking a color.

Another question to ask yourself is in regards to color combinations. Will a single color work for your signs? Possibly. How about several colors? Maybe. If using more than one color, you will have to make sure your sign colors are coordinated, that they flow well together to create an image in pictures of what your business is about.

Reaping the rewards of color

In order for your advertising efforts to work, your selected color or colors must be able to elicit a certain response from potential customers. Without a positive response, your business could end up seeing an overall decline—if your color signage doesn’t seem to be working, try another color combination!

In regards to storefront signs, a large, eye-catching sign is crucial for business, so take the time to design out the best possible one before sign installation.

Whether LED, digital print, large channel letters, or engravings, it is important to include color in your signage. Understand that advertising your business with big, bold and colorful letter signs can help bring in new customers while keeping your name noticeable to passing eyes. If you are looking for quality commercial signage in Ottawa, ON for your business, contact Plastics & Signs of Ottawa today.

Three Ways Your Storefront can Benefit from Channel Letters in Ottawa, ON

It goes without saying that you want your office building or storefront to draw in potential customers. So, wouldn’t you agree that one of the most important advertising tools a business can invest in are signs? Not just any signs, but big, readable, attention grabbing signs—guess again if you think your only option for a sign means flat and dull!

Channel letters are those gigantic and three-dimensional letters you see on the front of big-box stores that are lit or un-lit. Channel letters basically make up the building sign in eye-catching individual big block letters. That being said, let’s look at three ways your storefront can benefit from channel letters in Ottawa, ON:

  1. More square footage. Regulated by square footage of the entire graphic area, in some cases codes and jurisdictions for signage can be limiting when it comes to freestanding or wall mounted signs. The square feet rule includes the background and blank space of the sign as well as the title and logo, which can mean having to go with a smaller sign than you originally wanted. Using channel letters can eliminate this problem. Since channel letters are individual pieces of the larger picture mounted to a wall, each piece takes away the amount of square footage that can be wasted by the background and blank space in an average sign. Therefore, the front of the building becomes the background and the letters can be larger.
  2. Easily identifiable and eye-appealing. Channel letters are larger and more easily identifiable, and a properly pieced together sign creates better visibility for customers. Most businesses will have channel letters installed directly above the front doors to create a natural flow with the building. In addition, this area is in the direct line of sight of customers and in view of people just passing by. It’s better to have a plain flat sign than no business identification at all, but channel letters offer a simple and clean look with a welcoming feel that can really help your business stand out. Channel letters can be customized in a wide range of colors and fonts, and you can also create eye-appealing logos and other visuals to help attract customers!
  3. Environmentally friendly and cost effective. Channel letters are environmentally friendly, cost effective and a portion is constructed of recyclable materials. Due to the fact that channel letters are individually made, there is no excess plastic material being used for background—these letters do not need a background to help them stand out. And, when made with aluminum the letters or logo can last longer and are resistant to rust. A big plus: individual letters are easier to take down and fix if one were to have something happen to it. You can save a lot of money on electrical parts and electricity by choosing un-lit letters, although light-up letters create more visibility. If you go with lit letters, keep in mind the new industry standard to use the more environmentally friendly LED lighting.

If you want your business to benefit from channel letters in Ottawa, ON, contact a local custom signage company today!

There’s No Better Time for Exterior Banners in Ottawa, ON than Summer

Does your business have a patio area or sidewalk space that you utilize during the summer months? How about a parking lot or even a common outdoor area that you might share with other businesses? If so, this is an area of focus you need to be paying attention to when it comes to summertime advertising and signage!

What makes an outdoor area so special and how can you capitalize on advertising in this space? Take a look at our breakdown on the importance of outdoor signage and exterior banners in Ottawa, ON for the summer months:

Who are you targeting?

This is important to think about as a business owner: who are outdoor banners going to reach and who are you targeting with these banners? The answer for both is foot traffic—whether they’re walking past your business or they’re already a patron who you’re targeting for an upsell. Take a look at an example:

You own a diner and are having a special promotion for your lunch special. Putting up outdoor banners to attract new customers in for the lunch special or encouraging those who have already decided to eat at your venue to get it will serve as dual-purpose advertising.

What type of outdoor signage works?

When you put signage up outdoors, you’re competing for attention against the entire world—your signs should be able to distinguish themselves from other advertisements! This means going into your bag of marketing tricks and pulling out signage types that are unique and complementary to the season: sandwich boards, flags, swivel signs and of course, exterior banners in Ottawa, ON.

Now, once you have the type of signage picked out that you’re going to employ, make sure you’re playing to the strengths of that medium. For example:

  • Sandwich boards are best used in sidewalk settings, where passersby can easily take note of them and quickly digest the information on them.
  • Banners should be displayed in a place where they’re going to get maximum exposure and in an area that supports the largest possible setup so that your banner remains unimpeded.
  • Flags are best placed where they can attract attention by flapping and swaying in the wind—which means putting them in more open spaces where they can achieve movement.

Why make a seasonal signage investment?

Many business owners—especially small business owners—try to actively conserve money when investing in marketing supplies, so the prospect of seasonal signage isn’t one that is always appealing to them. Why spend the money on signage you might only be able to use during the summer months?

Well, for starters, the amount of foot traffic associated with summertime is too high to pass up and the revenue you generate from exterior banners in Ottawa, ON will likely be more than enough to recoup their costs. Also important to consider is that your competition will also likely be advertising to people via outdoor signage, so it becomes a business necessity quite quickly. Finally, seasonal signage actually has fantastic ROI by comparison—with low overhead and prolific customer generation, the ROI margins on these types of signage are reason enough to invest in them!