Improving Malls and Shopping Centres with Exterior Signs in Ottawa, ON

For mall developers and business owners who’ve set up shop on their premises, the importance of having effective, high-quality exterior signage cannot be stressed enough. Often exterior signs in Ottawa, ON are the first thing potential customers will notice about a business or shopping centre, so making a good first impression is key to attracting people and bringing them back in the future. At Plastics and Signs of Ottawa, we’ve developed over our nearly 50 years in business a strong sense for what makes good exterior signage. Here are some of the factors we take into consideration when creating and installing exterior signs at malls and shopping centres:

  • Visibility and location: The exteriors of shopping centres are almost always going to be busy and a little hectic, but there’s no sense in adding to congestion and confusion with poor signage. Sign placement can play a major role in keeping vehicular and pedestrian traffic safe and organized. Making sure that signs are visible to both kinds of traffic and from multiple vantage points is important, and accounting for the amount of time people will have to read the sign can help reduce the level of stress in your parking lots and other exterior locations. Finally, visibility and location will play a role in other signage elements, including design, size and message.
  • Message: Given the amount of time customers have to interact with an exterior mall sign, one of the worst things a business can do is to try to convey too much with the messaging of their signs. Shooting for one very clear message is a better approach. What is it that you want to promote? Keep your focus on that one thing. If you absolutely must include secondary messages, keep them to a minimum, and make sure they are presented in a way that clearly indicates their secondary status.
  • Visual design: This is a catchall term for a number of factors that, when combined, constitute the overall design of an exterior sign. The size of lettering, font choice, color choice and the use of logos or other graphics need to work well with the height level and location of your sign, and need to clarify and confirm rather than muddle the message you’re trying to convey.
  • Sign size: From what distance will your customers need to be able to see your sign if you want to direct them to your business? This is a key question for business owners and mall developers, because it dictates how big a sign ought to be for maximum visibility, clarity of message and effectiveness.

When you look at the various factors at play, it’s easy to see how the different aspects of exterior signage design work together to put a business’ message across or attract customers to a shopping centre or mall. Call us today to learn how Plastics and Signs of Ottawa can help your mall or shopping centre-based business achieve new levels of visibility and success with brand-new exterior signs in Ottawa, ON.

What is “Way-Finding” Signage and How can it Help Your Business?

Not every business location is ideal when it comes to being easily seen and spotted by potential patrons. Businesses that are located behind other structures, off of a back road or amidst a slew of other companies may have to fight to be seen, which creates an element of necessity when it comes to business signage in Ottawa, ON.

This is where “way-finding” signage comes into play. Way-finding signage is used to help pedestrians, motorists and anyone else who may be looking for your business navigate any complicated paths that may lay before them before they reach their destination. This type of signage is generally staggered, starting in an area where visibility is high, and continuing every so often to help people finally end up at your doorstep.

Way-finding signage can sometimes be more critical than traditional business signage in Ottawa, ON because it physically leads people to you, rather than beckons them to come—an especially useful tactic if your business is hidden or out of sight, which would render traditional business signage useless.

Common applications

One of the most common examples of way-finding signage can be seen in business and industrial parks. These large swaths of land are home to many businesses, not all of which are clearly discernable when driving by. Way-finding signage often helps a visitor to the park navigate to the business that they’re looking for from the get-go: a pylon sign marks the businesses at the beginning of the park, with several instances of way-finding signage sprinkled in at junctions along the way, until the final piece marks the business itself.

Shopping malls and other shared spaces are also common instances where way-finding signage can be found, for the very same reasons as listed above. As long as people have a constant reminder of where they’re going and the directions given by signage to help them realize that they’re still headed in the right direction, it’s much simpler for people to navigate and therefore, much more likely that they’ll choose to continue their path to you.

Finally, way-finding signage is also common for those businesses that have long driveways or are located off the beaten path. In this instance, someone looking for a business might not be sure whether or not they’re supposed to be travelling in the area that they are—proper business signage in Ottawa, ON will alleviate this concern and assure them that they’re right where they should be.

Interior signage

On a smaller scale, way-finding signage can also be used in an interior capacity, to assist people in navigating large buildings or connected concourses. This type of business signage in Ottawa, ON occurs in virtually any business that’s multiple stories and can also occur in places such as hospitals, schools and municipal buildings, where certain destinations need to be found by people who may not be familiar with the building itself.

It’s important to never underestimate the power of way-finding or directional signage as it applies to your business. The easier you make it for people to find you, the more apt they’ll be to come.

Great Rates on Summer Business Signs in Ottawa, ON: Make Sure Your Business is Visible!

It’s no secret that aside from the end-of-year holiday season, the most prolific time for commerce is during the summer months. People are simply more active during this time of year—spending time and money in public shopping venues to increase their quality of life while the weather is great.

If you’re operating a business that is sure to benefit from the summer commerce, Plastics and Signs of Ottawa wants to help you get the edge on your competitors and raise your success to a whole new level of patronage! How? By offering great rates on outdoor business signs in Ottawa, ON!

Exposure is everything

The old saying about business signage is this: “if people can’t see it, how are they ever supposed to know it’s there?” This quip couldn’t ring more true during the summertime commerce season: without some semblance of an advertising campaign via your external signage, customers will have little to no idea that you’re ready to compete for their business during the summer sales rush. Conversely, your competition might instead take the edge with signage and advertisements of their own, swaying your prospective customers away!

Taking advantage of increased commerce during the summer months means spreading the word about your business to those who might have intent to buy a product or procure services from you. Having window signage and other exterior displays to give people a reason to shop with you means bringing them not only in the door, but keeping them away from your competition when crucial summertime commerce is key.

Visibility is crucial

Exterior business signs in Ottawa, ON are your secret weapons for bolstering sales—especially because of their attention-grabbing factor. While it’s fine and good to have signage throughout your store that grabs people’s attention and gives them a reason to spend money, the trick to making interior signage work is to first attract customers with exterior signage. In doing so, you’ll create a domino effect of commerce, wherein one investment (external signage) starts the sales process, which is supplemented by another investment (interior signage) to create a sale, which acts as your return on investment.

In this way, summer signage is able to pay for itself and still yield profit for your business, which is one misconception that often stymies a business owner’s willingness to invest in signage that might only be applicable for a few months at a time. Most people see the bump in visibility that external summer business signs in Ottawa, ON offer as an offset to the normal sales that they might garner, but in truth, it’s an expansion on sales that might never ever have happened without the visibility brought forth from seasonal signage!

Now is the time to advertise

Because Plastics and Signs of Ottawa is dedicated to helping your business reap the benefits of beautiful signage, we’re offering some superior deals for those who might want to outfit their business with a great new seasonal sign today! Give us a call today at 613-748-0007 to learn more about the signage deals we have to offer.

Summer is the Time to Invest in Exterior Signs in Ottawa, ON

Any business owner knows that summertime brings with it more than just great weather—it’s the peak time of year for commerce! More people are out and about, whether they’re walking or driving to their destination, meaning more chances for your business to make a great first impression that invites those passersby in to your establishment.

Without a clear, concise and intriguing call to action, however, your business is going to fall in line with others like it, leaving you at a compromising position when it comes to capitalizing on summer sales.

And, speaking of summer sales, Plastics and Signs of Ottawa is proud to announce some great summer deals on exterior signage, giving you an opportunity to make this crucial time of year count! We’ll help you create and fabricate superior exterior signs in Ottawa, ON for a great price, ensuring that you’re at the top of your game when it comes to bringing in potential summertime customers.

An exterior sign that counts

Too many businesses believe that their pylon sign or channel lettering is enough to bring in customers—and while these signage items are a good start, they’re not exactly a call to action for anything more than getting people to notice your establishment.

If you really want to drive sales and appeal to new customers, you’ll need to expand your exterior signage arsenal to incorporate new and exciting ideas—ideas that drive people inside, rather than just inform them of your existence. Consider these simple exterior signs in Ottawa, ON while planning your summertime marketing strategy:

  • Banners: Banners are exceptional signage materials because they can be purchased at a low cost and repurposed time and time again, whenever you need an extra marketing push. Sale banners, new product banners or extended service hours banners make a clear statement and incite true action.
  • Awnings: Awnings are the perfect type of signage for businesses that have outdoor spaces or are located within a strip mall. Awnings serve the dual purpose of highlighting your building and providing shade to those who may be enjoying your exterior facilities.
  • Sandwich boards: Looking to drive traffic that’s not immediately passing by your venue? Sandwich boards can be strategically placed around your service area, to help push outlying traffic through your doors. These inexpensive exterior signs in Ottawa, ON offer a great return on investment for businesses big and small.

Now is the time to act

The summer months are already upon us, but that doesn’t mean that it’s too late to take advantage of custom signage for your business. Contact a professional at Plastics and Signs of Ottawa today to bring your exterior signage idea to life. Who knows, you might just create a revolutionary new sign that bolsters your business above local competitors!

Tis the season for exterior signage—are you prepared to convert passersby into recurring customers? Make sure your business is visible!

Spring Advertising Season is Here!

Spring has finally arrived! In addition to rising temperatures, spring also brings about more commerce. From shoppers looking to keep up with spring fashion trends to homeowners splurging on spring cleaning tools, spring can often be the busiest time, save for the holidays, for many retailers.

As a business owner, it’s important to take advantage of this rather busy time and make the most of it by promoting your business or your brand by using business signs in Ottawa, ON. Here are some reasons why the spring is an ideal time to invest in a business sign:

1) Business signs can help you stand out. As spring is huge for advertising, it’s important to stand out from the rest. Even the best advertising can get lost when customers are overwhelmed, which is often the case in the spring. Business signs in Ottawa, ON will help you stand out above the rest. Business signs offer an incredibly effective way of spreading not only your business’s name, but also the message of the business as well. Pick an image that manages to be both eye-catching and an ideal representation of your brand. When those elements are combined, it offers a truly magnificent business board and therefore, a way to truly be memorable. And, being memorable is key to formidable and effective advertising.

2) Business signs will help you take advantage of the rise in commerce. As stated above, spring is typically associated with a sharp increase in commerce. While some industries benefit from this more than others, it’s important to take advantage of it either way. As the snow clears and winter loosens its grip, more people are willing to venture out. This, in addition to warmer temperatures, is one of the biggest reasons why the spring season is so great for advertising. With more people out, there will not only be more people around to see your business sign, but also more people who will then be influenced to stop by your business.

3) Use business signs to showcase new products. The spring season symbolizes rebirth after a long, cold winter. Whether you run a fashion boutique with new clothing lines and trends or your cafe is trying out new recipes, the spring season is a wonderful time to showcase these new products. A business sign can help to promote new products, dishes or lines just in time for spring.

This spring, don’t get left behind or spend vast amounts of money on expensive marketing campaigns only to have them lost in the noise of online media and print ads. Take charge of your marketing efforts and use business signs to share your message effectively and affordably. Signs offer a clear message, with limited space that forces you to be creative and concise with your company’s message; a constraint that will be welcome by many overwhelmed shoppers.

At Plastics and Signs of Ottawa, we take pride in being your local expert when it comes to signs of all shapes and sizes. We are here to help you with all of your sign needs, and we are ready to help you with any concerns or questions you may have.